Islamic Terrorist Kills One Police Officer, Wounds Another in France

by James Buchanan

France is about to have a big election and the Nationalist candidate is Marine Le Pen, daughter of the great French patriot, Jean Marie Le Pen. France has one of the worst Muslim problems in Europe. There have been several spectacular terrorist attacks including one in Paris where 150 people were slaughtered by heavily armed Muslim terrorists. There a was truck attack in Nice on Bastille Day, and an attack in Normandy in which a priest was murdered. This latest attack while not as spectacular as some earlier attacks was cut short by police, but the shock will no doubt convince many French voters that they’ve had enough.

An article in the UK Sun reports “ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack after the killer got out of a car next to a parked police van and opened fire through the window before officers returned fire and shot him dead. A female foreign tourist was also wounded.”

“French investigators have since said a pump-action shotgun and knives were found inside the attacker’s Audi.”

“ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and named the gunman using his alias Abu Yousif al-Belgiki – Arabic for ‘The Belgian’.”

“Cheurfi was previously jailed for 20 years for shooting at cops after he was caught driving a stolen car in Roissy-en-Brie in 2001. But he was released early following an appeal ruling…”

“A Government spokesperson said: ‘An automatic weapon was used against police, a weapon of war.'”

“The shooting started shortly after 9pm, when a car stopped alongside a stationary police car.”

“A man immediately got out and opened fire on the police car, fatally wounding a police officer. He also wounded a second one, it would seem very seriously.”

So this Muslim had been sentenced to jail for 20 years for shooting at cops, but was let out early on appeal… so he could shoot at police again! The appeal judge needs to charged as an accomplice in this latest terrorist attack!!

Insane liberal governments let criminals and terrorists out of prison too early and put Diversity above the safety of White people. We should all pray that the French people make the right decision and get off the road to racial suicide, which is the path liberal politicians are forcing on White nations all over the world.


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