United Airlines Eats Crow

by James Buchanan

An article from the L.A. Times reports “United Airlines said it will no longer call on law enforcement to remove paid and seated passengers who have not agreed to give up their places on sold-out flights, one of several moves the airline announced Wednesday to try to quell a week of consumer outrage.”

“The Chicago airline’s chief executive, Oscar Munoz, told ABC News’ “Good Morning America” on Wednesday morning that he felt “shame” when he watched the video of a passenger, Dr. David Dao, being dragged off a sold-out United flight bound for Louisville, Ky., on Sunday by Chicago airport police.”

“United has said it needed to bump four passengers to make room for airline employees who needed to travel to Louisville…”

So United due to poor planning suddenly discovers Sunday evening that they need a flight crew of four moved from Chicago to Louisville and they choose to eject four paying passengers from a flight that’s completely booked up with people, who don’t want to spend an extra day in Chicago in the Gangsta-Arms Hotel.

United randomly chooses to kick off the plane an apparently mentally fragile Chinese doctor, who just got his medical license back after losing it due to a drug problem.

Dr. David Dao either:

1). panics and creates the “mother of all” viral videos or

2). he’s a very quick thinker and decides to create a major fuss, hoping to win the lawsuit lottery.

The CEO of United vacillates between defending United’s policies (which was extremely stupid of him in this case) and apologizing to the Chinese doctor.

I’m glad to see United getting all this bad publicity. It’s ridiculous that four paid passengers should be compelled to give up their seats because United needs another flight crew in a different city. It seems to me that United needs to get their act together and to find a better way of moving around their flight crews around.

Aren’t two people on that flight crew, the pilot and co-pilot? How about renting a Cessna and having the pilot fly all four down to Louisville? How dumb is the top management at United??

Hopefully, Dr. Dao will take United to the cleaners for their Big Brother mistreatment of paying customers and then trying to justify that by the micro-fine print on the back of the ticket.


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