Actor Michael Caine Praises Brexit, Avoids Muslim Problem

by Ian Mosley

Sky News reports: “Sir Michael Caine has said he is confident Britain’s exit from the EU will be alright and that British people have voted for freedom. The film star told Sky News: ‘I think it will be alright. I voted for Brexit … what it is with me, I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant. It wasn’t about the racism, immigrants or anything, it was about freedom.'”

On the contrary, Sir Michael, it actually was about race and immigration. If England were being invaded by beautiful, blonde, well-educated Swedes, there would be no problem. Instead, angry, hostile Islamic militants are invading England, setting up “No go” areas, where White Britons can’t safely enter. White women are being targeted for gang rapes. An off duty British soldier had his head cut off by a Muslim, and terror attacks appear to be increasing.

I know you still can’t say that out loud in politically correct Britain what with the thought crime laws and the Orwellian surveillance cameras on every corner in almost every village now.

The article continues “The acting legend spoke about Brexit while promoting his new film, Going In Style…”

The rest of the article is basically a plug for his movie.

I wonder if after Brexit finally takes effect, Britons will do anything about these horrific “hate” and “public order” laws that prevent the British people from so much as uttering a politically incorrect word without facing a seven-year prison sentence?

In order to deal with the immigration problem, you first need the freedom to speak the truth about race and Islam, which clearly isn’t the case right now.


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