Hate Crime: Black Woman Smashes White Man’s Car

by Jeff Davis

At least some anti-White hate crimes are being reported these days. For many years, they officially didn’t exist as far as the media was concerned.

An article from NJ.com reports: “Essex County Sheriff’s detectives on Wednesday arrested a woman who attacked a man with a hammer and smashed his Porsche after reportedly yelling at him for being rich and white at a Virginia gas station, officials said.”

“Angela M. Jones, 26, of Newark, was taken into custody without incident at her Fairmount Avenue residence, according to Sheriff Armando Fontoura. Jones was wanted by Caroline County, Va. authorities in the alleged assault on Saturday. Jones directed racial slurs at the Massachusetts man, who is white, as he fueled his Porsche that was hauling his boat, according to Virginia authorities. When the man ignored her remarks, Jones allegedly smashed his Porsche and boat with a hammer, Virginia television station CBS 6 reported.”

“It is believed Angela Jones then attacked the owner of the SUV and the boat while allegedly making racial slurs by referring to the victims as ‘rich’ and ‘white,” according to a statement from the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office. Jones said she was ‘sick of fancy white people,’ the man said in a local television interview. A witness took a cell phone photo, which helped authorities identify Jones, according to the sheriff’s office.”

“Caroline County Sheriff Tony Lippa told CBS 6 hatecrimes charges were being considered. Jones was being held at the Essex County jail ahead of extradition to Virginia, where she is accused of assault and vandalism offenses.”

Notice that hate crime charges are only being “considered.” They are almost never actually preferred in a case like this. As soon as the media spotlight is gone, the charges will quietly be reduced unless the rich White guy is in the same yacht club as the judge.

After decades of the liberal media promoting class hatred and Black hatred of Whites, which seems to be a big part of the Black Lives Matter movement, we will probably be seeing more and more incidents like this where Blacks attack White people simply because they are White.

In Los Angeles, minority gangs are systematically burglarizing White homes in the suburbs. One news article reports “Police say the knock-knock burglary rings are made up of gang members from South Los Angeles who target affluent San Fernando Valley neighborhoods. The suspects are usually in and out of the homes within five minutes, police said.”

Do you want to live in a society with millions of increasingly angry Africans, who think it’s “OK” to loot your home or smash your car with a hammer because you’re White?

If we lived in an all-White nation, no one could accuse us of being “racist” because there wouldn’t be any non-Whites to be racist against. Also, you could fuel up your car without worrying about a crazy Black woman attacking it with a hammer and your home won’t be looted while you’re away at work.

It’s getting less and less safe for White people out there with all the primates yelling and screaming and hollering about Donald Trump and being told by the media that they can get away with anything as part of the “resistance.”


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