Listening to the Globalists and Alienating your Base

It’s possible that Trump was fooled into bombing Syria. Ronald Reagan was fooled into bombing Libya according to an ex-Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky as noted here. If ISIS would chop off the heads of innocent people and commit countless other atrocities, why is it inconceivable that ISIS had a stockpile of poison gas in Syria?

U.S. intelligence agencies claimed that they tracked a Syrian warplane to the scene of an apparent chemical attack, where 86 people died. It may be true that a Syrian warplane did fly over that area to attack the rebels, but the Syrians reportedly gave up their chemical weapons by 2014 and the Syrian plane may have dropped conventional bombs on an ISIS stockpile of chemical weapons, creating an incident that could be misconstrued as a chemical attack by the Syrian military.

A CNN article reports “Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem… repeated the government’s claims it had never used chemical weapons and never would…”

“That strike hit a depot holding chemical weapons smuggled into the country by terrorist group Al Nusra Front, he said.”

“Russia said that the deaths were caused by the Syrian regime strike on the munitions depot.”

If the Syrian air force were dropping chemical weapons, the chemical toxins should have spread out over a large area and killed thousands of people. Never mind the fact that a Syrian chemical warfare attack by Assad right at the moment that the ISIS rebels are about to be defeated is completely beyond belief as noted by Ron Paul. The fact that only 86 people died strongly suggests that the Syrians and Russians are telling the truth, and that our own intelligence agencies were lying to Trump.

Trump needs to consider that bombing the Syrians may please the Globalists and mainstream media for a few days, but then they will go right back to attacking him and trying to stab him in the back.

The Middle East is a snake pit of deception and false flag attacks. Our best course of action is to stay out of there, and not get sucked back in. Hopefully we’ll pull our troops out of Syria and stop any further involvement there.

Trump has made it to the presidency thanks to his base of ordinary, patriotic Americans, despite the Globalists like his parasite son-in-law Kushner. If Trump chooses to push aside a patriot like Steve Bannon, Trump will run the risk of alienating his base and then he’ll find himself all alone in Washington D.C. with no one to support him.


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