Liberal Tyranny on Campus

by Jeff Davis

We need to remember that just because Donald Trump is in the White House now, that doesn’t mean the old empowered left-wing liberal elite has been swept away. They’re as arrogant as ever and they are going to dig their heels in rather than admit that they lost the election.

An article on reports: “So-called ‘Bias Response Teams’ are creeping onto university campuses across the country. This was the conclusion of the first national survey of Bias Response Teams done by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). The report identified 232 public and private American colleges and universities that had bias response teams on their campuses in 2016, affecting around 2.8 million students.”

I wish somebody would publish a list of colleges and universities where all this politically correct insanity is not going on, so right-wing parents could send their kids there to get an education free of any Marxist indoctrination.

The article notes “BRTs encourage students to formally report on other students and faculty members whenever they perceive that someone’s speech is ‘biased,’ which threatens free speech.”

“Most universities receive a variety of complaints from students, including students who encounter ‘offensive’ yet legally protected speech, but rather than responding to these incidents fairly if there’s an actual threat, campuses with Bias Response Teams conduct an investigation and if the ‘respondent’ is found ‘guilty’, invite them for a ‘hearing’.”

So if some “special snowflake” can’t handle some blunt truth from a conservative, the sniveling liberal troll can turn you in to a leftist kangaroo court for a “hearing.”

How about telling all the Jews, liberals and minority whiners to quit being babies and face the reality of living in a republic with free speech, where people don’t have to tip toe around their overly sensitive feelings?

I wonder if our new President will find the time to deal with the ultra-liberal mentality at many universities today. He definitely could defund these liberal parasites and he has brought up the idea of defunding Berkeley after the recent violent attacks against conservatives there and the standing down of the Berkeley police, who did almost nothing to control leftist thugs and vandals. Any change would be an improvement.


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