One Black Crackhead Cripples Atlanta’s Freeway System

by James Buchanan

Americans have been brainwashed by the fake news liberal media to believe that “Diversity is a strength.” One politically correct general even blurted that out after a Muslim, Nidal Hasan shot to death 13 American soldiers in the Fort Hood shooting.

The truth of course is the complete opposite. Most Third World people have low IQs and are only good for jobs that should be done by either White people or robots.

Millions of minorities don’t do any work at all. They live on welfare, Section 8 Housing and foodstamps. Some minorities become hopeless drug addicts, living on the streets like the crackhead, who just crippled Atlanta’s freeway system.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reports “As crews rushed to clear debris from a major Atlanta interstate span that collapsed in a raging fire, commuters in the Southeast’s largest city braced for the first full workweek without the key link to some of the city’s biggest suburbs.”

“Officials pledged after Thursday’s collapse of a 350-foot section of Interstate 85 that a replace bridge would be built as soon as possible. But crews were working around the clock again Sunday to finish removing scorched debris from the collapsed northbound span and removing the southbound span weakened by the blaze.”

“After that, a replacement bridge could take months to build.”

“The fire was started by a man smoking crack under the bridge in an area north of downtown Atlanta where the state of Georgia stores noncombustible, construction materials, authorities said. It rapidly grew with smoke billowing high above the city’s skyline. It didn’t take long before chunks of concrete weakened by the high heat began flying off the bridge, leaving firefighters to scramble away for safety. No one was injured.”

“Basil Eleby was charged with first-degree arson and first-degree property damage. He remains in jail on a $200,000 bond. Two other people with him were charged with criminal trespass, authorities said.”

“The closed section of I-85 is a key link to Atlanta’s northern and northeast suburbs. It carries about 400,000 vehicles a day in a city where there are surprisingly few alternative routes for its size.”

Most American cities have freeway systems that slow down to a crawl at rush hour. Imagine the colossal loss of productivity, not to mention family time as hundreds of thousands of people are stuck in traffic for hours each day due to this freeway collapse.

Instead of allowing millions of minorities to continue to cause problems for America, perhaps a system of expelling these parasites should be devised. The average drug addict would sign away his U.S. citizenship for a few thousand dollars.

A federal program to banish drug addicts and life-long welfare parasites to the Third World would be well worth the money. The U.S. would also need to pay off a few Third World leaders to accept America’s parasites since no one wants these people, but this also would be a small amount in exchange for how much America would benefit. The alternative is for America to limp along as a multi-racial empire with gang, drug and homeless problems that never get solved until race-mixing eventually snuffs out the last remnant of the race that made America great and the U.S. becomes yet another backward Third World country while liberal “scholars” scratch their heads wondering what went wrong.


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