More Info on the Latest London Islamic Terrorist

by James Buchanan

It’s been a week since Khalid Masood drove his vehicle into a crowd in London and then began stabbing people injuring 50 and killing four.

Initial reports described him as “an Asian” with no mention of his Islamic ties. Later reports identified him as “Adrian Elms” born in Kent, which made it sound like he might be White.

Despite all that time passing, we still know very little about him. He appears to be a Black but not one word from the politically correct media has confirmed this.

His biological father, not too surprisingly was absent from his life. His mother remarried someone named “Ajao” and some reports give him that surname before he took a Muslim name, Khalid Masood.

An article from the reports Burly body-building enthusiast Khalid Masood, 52, was born in Dartford in Kent on Christmas Day 1964. His mother Janet Ajao gave birth when she was just 17 years old and brought him up as Adrian Russell Ajao.”

“The married father-of-three spent years moving round the country – and the prison system – with a host of different identities, including Adrian Elms.”

“He was most recently based in the West Midlands and had a history of violent knife crime, converting to Islam after years of criminality.”

“When Masood was two years old, his mother, now 69, married Philip Ajao in 1966 and they brought him up in a £300,000 house in the seaside town of Rye, East Sussex, and later upmarket Tunbridge Wells, Kent…”

So Adrian Ajao or Khalid Masood was a street criminal for many years, eventually got radicalized by Islam and chose to carry out a terror attack on White people, in whose country he had lived for 52 years. You’d think the staggering disloyalty of this individual and the fact that there are many others not much different would wake up people in Britain to the need to keep Third World people out.

Most Third World people in Britain are financial parasites, taking out much more in government services than they pay in taxes (if they pay anything). Some are life-long criminals like this Black. In one incident he stabbed a victim in the face, but somehow he didn’t get a lengthy prison sentence for attempted murder… or for being a life-long career criminal. Apparently Britain doesn’t have a “three strikes you’re out” law.

Now Britain is suffering terrorist attacks thanks to decades of liberal politicians inviting in primitive Third World people like Ajao’s father so they can get their votes regardless of how much crime, poverty and destruction they bring with them.

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