Obama: “Temporarily” Alive Babies

Obama’s Legalese for Babies the State Wanted Dead

by Charles Coughlin

The fake news liberal media is already trying to pretend that Barack Obama was a great American president. Never mind the fact that he almost doubled the National Debt adding 9.3 trillion dollars while accomplishing absolutely nothing and never mind the fact ObamaCare, is universally seen as an albatross around the neck of the American public that needs to be repealed, and that Trump has already eliminated the ObamaCare fine and the mandate that all Americans must join ObamaCare, which is accelerating its collapse.

Perhaps the greatest omen of how someone will rule can be found in how they treat the most vulnerable in society. The liberal media has covered up a multitude of sins regarding Barack Obama to preserve his “nice guy” image that millions of liberals and moderates have completely bought into. Well, how would these Americans regard Mr. Obama if they knew that he once referred to a baby, who was alive outside the womb, as only “temporarily alive” or as a “pre-viable fetus”?

A “temporarily alive… pre-viable fetus” according to Barack Obama

One news article reports “The Obama-O’Malley debate was a defining moment for Obama because it dealt with such a fundamental issue: The state’s duty to protect the civil rights of the young and disabled… Eight years ago, nurse Jill Stanek went public about the ‘induced-labor abortions’ performed at the Illinois hospital where she worked. Often done on Down syndrome babies, the procedure involved medicating the mother to cause premature labor. Babies who survived this, Stanek testified in the U.S. Congress, were brought to a soiled linen room and left alone to die without care or comforting. Then-Illinois state Sen. Patrick O’Malley, whom I interviewed this week, contacted the state attorney general’s office to see whether existing laws protected a newborn abortion-survivor’s rights as a U.S. citizen. He was told they did not. So, O’Malley — a lawyer, veteran lawmaker and colleague of Obama on the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee — drafted legislation…. ‘This legislation was about preventing conduct that allowed infanticide to take place in the state of Illinois,’ O’Malley told me… The Judiciary Committee approved the bills with Obama in opposition. On March 31, 2001, they came up on the Illinois senate floor. Only one member spoke against them: Obama. ‘Nobody else said anything,’ O’Malley recalls. The official transcript validates this. ‘Sen. O’Malley,’ Obama said near the beginning of the discussion, ‘the testimony during the committee indicated that one of the key concerns was — is that there was a method of abortion, an induced abortion, where the — the fetus or child, as — as some might describe it, is still temporarily alive outside the womb.’ Obama made three crucial concessions here: the legislation was about 1) a human being, who was 2) ‘alive’ and 3) ‘outside the womb.’ …Obama came up with yet another term to describe the human being who would be protected by O’Malley’s bills. The abortion survivor became a ‘pre-viable fetus.’ “

No other Democrat in the Ilinois legislature was so determined to protect “infanticide” besides Mr. Obama. Perhaps Barack knew that as an African-American he had a certain amount of immunity from criticism, and the liberal media has repeatedly bent over backwards to ignore political statements by Obama that would easily end the career of a White liberal, who came out supporting such horrors as partial birth abortion or literally finishing off babies, who stubbornly clung to life “outside the womb” while they were “temporarily alive.”

If the mainstream media had reported this particular story openly and honestly well before election day, it seems absolutely certain that Obama would have lost the election. Obama got close to half of the Catholic vote because there was widespread ignorance of his ghoulish support of partial birth abortion and infanticide. The liberal media carefully crafted an image of Obama as a religious church-going family man. They carefully censored any stories about him allying himself with the most radical pro-abortion extremists, who apparently think abortion can continue even outside the womb.

Then again, the liberal media initially failed to tell us that his “church-going” involved a militant “hate-Whitey” preacher, Reverend Wright. Conservative talk radio broke that story and the liberal media only reluctantly reported on it. The liberal media never told us that Obama’s mother was a militant atheist and extreme leftist snob. The liberal media never mentioned that Obama’s parents met in a Russian language class in 1960 and that his parents were likely in that class because both of them were sympathetic to Communism.

I would expect someone raised by an atheist and/or closet Communist to have little respect for human life. Unfortunately, the liberal media continues to tell us how “wonderful” it was that Americans elected their first Black president. One gets the impression that all Blacks must look alike to the liberal media; otherwise they would not have been such cheerleaders for a closet Marxist who referred to defenseless newborn babies as “temporarily alive.”

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