Islamic Terrorist Kills Four, Wounds Forty in London

by James Buchanan

The liberal media has been railing against Trump for the first two months of his presidency acting completely outraged at absolutely everything he does or says. Politics is just a game for liberals. All they care about is “winning” and pushing their agenda or preventing right-wing politicians from taking actions that might safeguard the population from Islamic terrorism. They cheered when two hack liberal judges exceeded their authority and blocked a travel ban intended to protect Americans from Islamic terrorists coming into the U.S. disguised as refugees.

None of these liberals seem to realize that this is not a game, and that real people will be murdered if these insane Open Borders policies are continued.

Well, the people of London got to be the latest victims of insane liberal policies as yet another Muslim terrorist went on a killing spree driving his car into a crowd of people and then jumping out and stabbing a police officer and other innocent people to death. Four innocent people were killed and about 40 injured in this latest attack.

An article from the UK Independent reports “Terror returned to the streets of London on Wednesday when a black-clad assailant, armed with two long knives, drove his car through a crowd of people on Westminster Bridge before stabbing a police officer to death on the grounds of Parliament.”

“Five people died in all, including the attacker himself, in the worst terrorist incident to hit the UK since the 7 July 2005 bombings.”

“Police said the attacker, who is believed to have acted alone, mounted the pavement of the bridge and mowed down more than a dozen tourists, local workers and police officers before crashing into the Parliament railings.”

“As people ran for their lives, he entered the gates by Westminster Hall and repeatedly stabbed a male police officer. He was shot three times by the officer’s colleagues, and later pronounced dead in hospital.”

I sincerely hope that Donald Trump will announce to the America public that he is implementing his travel ban regardless of the left-wing activist judges, who are trying to block him. Previous presidents like Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson have slapped down arrogant judges who tried to block them with a similar judicial over-reach.

The terrorism problem has its roots in the Muslim population. Banning new arrivals from the worst Islamic states is only a first step. The liberals often respond by saying that second generation Muslims have committed many of the terrorist attacks, clearly failing to realize that their response is an even stronger argument against Muslim immigration to White nations since the children of Muslims often don’t assimilate, but become radicalized.

No one should allow some pretentious fool in a black robe, who was appointed to a federal judge position by the likes of Barack Obama, to stand in the way of the president exercising his legal authority to protect the American public. The liberal media will scream about whatever Trump does so he might as well enact his travel ban, protect Americans from a serious threat and then let the liberal media scream all they want. The American people will know he is doing the right thing.


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