America Waking Up to the Truth

by James Buchanan

The 2016 election was the first American election in which the alternative media defeated the controlled mainstream media. Prior to this, the Tea Party had picked off several Republican Senators, who had voted for Amnesty, but Americans were still getting stuck with Globalist presidential candidates in 2008 and 2012 despite a strong populist movement supporting Ron Paul.

The liberal media dubbed their new opposition the “Alt-Right media” even though this covers a broad range of Internet patriots including libertarians, conservatives and the far-right.

Some of these Alt-Right celebrities are sufficiently brave to talk about the importance of racial differences, and the need to keep low IQ Third World invaders out to preserve Western culture and to keep the political Left from gaining a permanent majority.

It’s been taboo to talk about race in America since at least the 1960s, which is why White people have been losing ground for so long. When the enemy gets to dictate what you can talk about, you will only descend deeper and deeper into an anti-White tyranny.

I see America’s awakening as happening in three stages:

1). Americans begin talking honestly about race and how low-IQ Third World people are NOT what made America great and that they need to be kept out. This is already happening on the Internet. Most politicians, including Trump, are still avoiding any open talk about race, but most people see him as being aware of the problem and willing to do something about it.

2). Americans start waking up to the dishonesty of the (Jewish) mainstream media and the influence of (Jewish) billionaire activists like Soros and Bloomberg. The Alt-Right media has definitely exposed the dishonesty of the mainstream media and the role of George Soros.


3). Americans start NAMING THE JEW and his long role in Communism, liberalism and destroying White nations with Third World immigration that Jews like Congressman Emanuel Celler played a key role in –namely the Hart-Celler (Immigration) Act of 1965.

The Alt-Right has been good for the first two stages, but an extra level of courage and political insight will be necessary to call out the Jews for their role in politics. In the 2016 election, Jews in America voted 71 percent for Hillary Clinton and only 24 percent for Trump. Our Congress has been called “Israeli-occupied territory” due to the influence of AIPAC. The Jewish-owned liberal mainstream media while having suffered a serious defeat is still controlled by the Jews and virulently against the best interests of the White race.

We cannot defeat the enemy unless we wake up to who our worst enemy is.


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