There Was No Russian Hacking

by Jeff Davis

Rather than accept the results of the election, the Democrat elite seem determined to deny reality and to invent excuses for why Hillary was not carried to victory on the shoulders of an adoring public.

One of the major legends of 2016 that’s shaping up is the idea that the Russians “hacked the election” (details of how this was allegedly done are never very clear) and somehow tipped the scales in favor of Donald Trump. Problem is, nothing of the kind seems to have happened and there was even a recount that found the election results in Wisconsin and Michigan did not change. The Democrats and liberals are starting to wiggle like worms at the end of a fish-hook in increasingly desperate efforts to prove that the election is not valid.

An article from reports: “The new, and apparently seminal report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on putative Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election has finally been released, providing a 25-page glimpse into the thinking that underpins an allegation which remains the sum total of US electoral politics in recent months. This appears to be the report that the Obama Administration was heavily pressured to proffer by Congressional Democrats as a way to end public skepticism of the allegations, and attempts to do so, as officials have been for weeks, by declaring Russian intervention, hacking, and what have you as an absolute confirmed fact.”

“But like the previous reports, evidence to substantiate the claims is wholly lacking. The big difference in the new report is an acknowledgement that they aren’t providing any evidence of what they are alleging, complete with a disclaimer at the top of every page that as a declassified report it ‘does not include the full supporting information’ that some secret other report might.”

“The evidence-free version was still sufficient to get ample media coverage once again echoing the claims unquestioned, declaring that Putin was driven by ‘hatred’ and wanted to ‘denigrate Secretary Clinton.’ The report’s claims largely amount to a collection of the myriad allegations in an easy-to-follow form, but break no new ground. Once again, the report claims the DNC hacker Guccifer 2.0 was actually the Russian military, providing no evidence for this, and claims was the military as well. They claimed the military directly gave WikiLeaks the documents because Putin thought WikiLeaks’ history of accuracy was valuable. No evidence for any of this, but the report did at the very least note that all the WikiLeaks documents appear to have been authentic.”

Here’s the Cliff Notes version of this whole thing:

1) Somebody claims to have identified “Russian code” in certain allegedly hacked sites around the United States, electric power stations and whatnot. Not voting machines on November 8th. There is no way to ascertain where this code came from, if it even exists, or whose fingers were doing the tapping, or why.

2) The election results could not have been hacked or altered by Russia or anyone else, because the voting machines were not connected to the Internet. The only way in which vote fraud could have been carried out was from within the electoral system and counting procedure itself, which is how the Democrats managed to get an estimated 3 million illegal aliens in California and elsewhere to vote. No cyber-whizz kids in Minsk, just good old-fashioned Democrat corruption.

3) The John Podesta e-mails were obtained by a hacker who was sending out fake e-mails claiming that various e-mail accounts were in danger and the owners needed to click on a link in the e-mail to reset their password. Podesta clicked on the link and basically gave the hacker his e-mail password. This was a totally bone-headed move by Podesta, but admitting that they made stupid mistakes that opened the doors for hacks is a bitter pill that the Democrats don’t want to swallow.

There is some speculation that said Seth Rich was sympathetic to Bernie Sanders or simply outraged at how the DNC was collaborating with Hillary to steal the Democrat primary. Seth Rich was subsequently tortured and murdered in Washington D.C. –probably because Hillary suspected him of being the one who leaked many of the e-mails on the DNC scandal to Wikileaks. Rich was yet another in a long list of people who have crossed the Clintons and ended up dead.

The good news is the liberal media has trashed its credibility. It was foolish and very short-sighted of Obama to lean on federal agencies to create fake reports to support this “Russian hacking” conspiracy theory, but then Obama never was very smart.

Obama did the same thing earlier with NASA and NOAA, twisting their arms to create fake data to support Global Warming. Obama can add “fake news” to his legacy along with incompetence, vanity and 9.3 trillion dollars in new debt.


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