“Tolerant” Liberals Still Making Death Threats against Trump

Apparently there are so many death threats against Donald Trump by unhinged, low IQ minorities on Twitter, youtube and other social media that only a tiny handful are getting the Secret Service attention that they deserve.

Contrast this to the relatively few times a drunk White male said anything even remotely threatening about the left-wing living idol of the liberals, Barack Hussein Obama. The offender in those cases was typically arrested within hours of the offending remark or frog-marched the next morning in handcuffs out of his workplace by the Secret Service in front of all his co-workers and then grilled for several hours in some federal facility under a 500 watt light.

An article from TheHill.com reports: “Turn on TV or browse your newsfeeds on social media, and you will be bombarded with polemics about the sky falling and credible threats of violence against conservative figures.”

“The FBI investigated a threat to kill Milo Yiannoupolis for the audacity to want to speak on a college campus. Threats against former Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder’s wife caused him to withdraw himself from consideration. Multiple intimidatory remarks haunted members of the Trump-voting Electoral College. President Trump has been the target of declarations of violence on a near daily basis.”

“And yet, when it comes to this constant flow of threats, there seems to be little outrage from the nation’s leading journalists and pundits. Social media shines almost every day with a new dimwitted threat against Trump and his presidency. ‘Comedienne’ Sarah Silverman called for a military coup.”

“Madonna told protesters she ‘thought’ about blowing up the White House. Violence seems to break out every time a conservative comes to speak at a college campus. Rosie O’Donnell talks about ‘stopping’ Trump on Twitter. Snoop Dogg has done his best to get back on people’s radars since 1998 with his new music video in which he assassinates a clown dressed as Trump. Even if it was just a stunt by the 45-year-old rapper to stay relevant, it was still completely crass and unacceptable.”

“The media has largely glossed over these serious threats with a shrug. A simple Google search on Snoop Dogg’s assassination video, for example, yields virtually no mainstream editorials expressing disgust. It’s almost as if there’s an overarching belief among the media that Trump brought this upon himself.”

The big name media and “moral authority” figures are still inciting mentally unstable “little people” to commit acts of violence. We’ve already had several crazy people trying to break security at Trump Tower or climb over the White House fence.

The little people could potentially go to jail or be shot down by the police, while the celebrities get to feign shock while secretly rubbing their hands with glee.

The big question now is: How does the Secret Service and/or local police deal with the multitude of left-wing crazies threatening Donald Trump’s life? Do they just hope that nothing will happen, knowing that some of these people will try to do something.

One Black wannabe gansta was waving around a pistol with a large capacity magazine threatening Trump in a largely incoherent fashion in a youtube video. A Fox News article notes “A former ‘Sons of Guns’ reality TV star did a double-take last month when he clicked on a link that said, ‘Rapper Threatens Trump’ and instantly recognized his distinctively customized firearms being waved around by a local wannabe.”

“’As I’m watching it, I’m thinking these guns are very recognizable,’ Joe Meaux,whose Baton Rouge store, Meaux Guns and Ammo, was burglarized in July, 2015. ‘As I watched more, I realized that they were very familiar. They were stolen from me last year.’”

So if a ghetto Negro is sufficiently stupid to make death threats against Trump AND wave around a stolen gun in a video, then maybe the police will get involved and arrest him.

Now that Trump is in power, hopefully some streamlined and more effective process can be devised to deal with the multitude of low IQ gangstas who threaten the president or his wife. Perhaps, we could just declare these morons “domestic terrorists” and expel them to Syria and thereby remove thousands of completely worthless liberal imbeciles that the country would be much better off without.


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