Merkel Treason Regime Lashes Out at Internet

by Ian Mosley

The liberal German government is becoming increasingly desperate to control the Internet and suppress dissent against their insane immigration policies.

A recent news article reports: “Germany’s justice minister is proposing fines of up to 50 million euros ($53 million) for social networking sites that fail to swiftly remove illegal content, such as hate speech or defamatory ‘fake news.’ The plan announced Tuesday marks a further step in Germany’s attempt to impose its strict domestic laws against incitement on the free-wheeling world of online chatter.”

I wonder if they’ll impose those “fake news” fines on CNN for defaming Donald Trump. Oh wait, silly question… Of course they have no intention of being consistent or fair.

Would reporting Muslim rapes and terror attacks be labeled “fake news” by the Merkel regime? The German government and liberal media is increasingly reluctant to call an Islamic terror attack “an Islamic terror attack.” We had the same problem in the U.S. when Barack Obama tried to redefine an Islamic terror attack at Fort Hood as an “act of workplace violence.” This is typical of liberal politicians and reporters; they think the public is too stupid to notice what’s going on around us.

One source notes “President Trump is correct (about the media not reporting Islamic attacks). He said: ‘It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even reported, and in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn’t even want to report it.’ The establishment propaganda media has taken this to mean that he was claiming they didn’t even mention the attacks. They did. But in virtually all cases, they did all they could to obscure the motivating ideology behind those attacks. They deliberately conceal and/or misrepresent the aspects of them that make it clear that they’re Islamic jihad attacks. This is in accord with the guidelines of the Society of Professional Journalists, which tells journalists not to connect Islam with terrorism, and to obscure that connection wherever possible.”

The article continues “Justice Minister Heiko Maas, a member of the center-left Social Democratic Party, said social media companies had already taken voluntary steps to crack down on hate crimes that have resulted in improvements. ‘This isn’t sufficient yet,’ Maas said, citing research that he said showed Twitter deletes just 1 percent of illegal content flagged by users, while Facebook deletes 39 percent.”

“The proposal would require companies to provide a round-the-clock service for users to flag illegal content, which would have to be removed by the site within seven days. All copies of the content would also have to be deleted and social media companies would need to publish a quarterly report detailing how they have dealt with such material.”

What they’re doing is demanding that these big multinationals like facebook and Twitter spend millions of dollars enforcing a specific country’s censorship laws. When China does the same thing, the techno-yuppies scream in horror, but apparently it’s no problem in the service of European genocide through mass migration. Police agencies in Germany, France and Britain are spending more money, time and manpower in arresting and imprisoning people guilty of “hate” (whom future historians may wind up calling patriotic heroes).

I suppose liberals are never guilty of hate so they have every right to judge… Oh wait, don’t liberals hate Trump with an hysterical passion?! How do they feel about Christian straight White males? More intense hatred!! Funny how liberal hatred is supposedly good and just, but when they accuse us of hating things, that alleged “hatred” needs to be criminalized and punished to the fullest extent of the law!


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