Jewish Lesbian Child-Molester Helped by her Community to Flee to Israel

by Ian Mosley

Remember the Pizza-gate scandal in which top Democrats were caught using “pedophile code words” talking about parties in which small children would be present without their parents for entertainment purposes. The top level of the political Left is saturated with Jews and Jews are notorious for sexual perversion. They openly support homosexuality, transgenders and countless other immoralities, and there’s growing evidence that there are pedophile rings in the political Left with Jewish connections. Remember billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? It was revealed that both Bill and Hillary Clinton had made trips to Epstein’s island as noted here where top Democrat politicians reportedly have sex with children.

It should come as no great surprise that when a community of Jews in Australia was confronted with the sex crimes of a Jewish lesbian principle, she was helped by some of her fellow Jews to flee prosecution and relocate to Israel!

An article from reports: “There is a school in the inner Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick that exclusively serves a small and secretive Jewish sect, the ultra-Orthodox Adass Israel community, comprising about 200 families. It has been the scene of shocking sexual abuse, and is at the centre of an ongoing scandal that allegedly involves community members helping to finance the life of the exiled perpetrator, the predatory former principal Malka Leifer, who was protected by school leaders after her crimes were discovered.”

“The Adass Israel School looks like a prison. Upon its looming, grim walls perch security cameras. Its gates are locked. Security guards prowl throughout the day. These unusual measures are presumably to protect the children. But the enemy has been within. There is no suggestion of which I am aware that current students are being abused. But the available evidence indicates the school leaders have failed to adequately grasp their responsibility to ensure any current or former members of the school community can seek the most appropriate help should they have been involved in the Leifer atrocity or any similar occurrence.”

“The entire situation is a tragedy and a travesty. Back in 2008, Leifer, a mother of eight, was found to have abused girls under her charge. Instead of denouncing her to the police, school leaders immediately arranged a late-night flight and she escaped to Israel, where she remained at large for several years. The tickets were funded by members of the Adass community.”

Now, think about that for a moment. These Jews found out that their little girls were getting molested by their principal and the first reaction of some of her colleagues was to help the hag escape!

The article continues “Supreme Court judge Jack Rush has indicated in a judgement that some of the school and community leaders responsible for such a perversion of justice may well have broken the law, and police are reportedly belatedly investigating. What sort of message does protecting a child-sex criminal send to the obedient and reserved members of the Adass community…? When he awarded one of Leifer’s victims $1.2 million compensation last year, Justice Rush lambasted then and current Adass Israel school board president Yitzhak Benedikt and board member Mark Ernst for organising the 1.20am flight – hours after her sacking – in full knowledge of the hideous, criminal abuse of trust and power she had allegedly committed.”

“The judge said: ‘It is apparent that either it was not a priority for Messrs Benedikt or Ernst that Leifer answered to the criminal law of this state or that this state’s jurisdiction was deliberately flouted,’ Justice Rush found. ‘Upon consideration of the manner in which the school arranged for Leifer’s departure from the country, I find the deliberate flouting of jurisdiction the most likely motivation.’ His honour said Benedikt knew Leifer she was a ‘serial sexual abuser.'”

You have to wonder if there is a single judge in the U.S. who would dare to speak out like this if he ran across a similar situation with a group of Jews.

The article notes “Leifer was finally apprehended and placed under house arrest in Israel, and Australia has been seeking her extradition for years. She reportedly made it clear to friends and family that she would do anything to prevent her return to face more than 70 charges. She’s had lamentable success at evading a reckoning and one could be forgiven for thinking that she is again being protected, this time by medical and legal professionals in Israel who should be concerned about her child victims rather than this disgrace of a woman.”

“Every time she’s due to face court, Leifer argues she’s suffering so much anxiety she simply can not show up.”

“She’s recently been released and roams free in a community that reportedly is horrified she’s near their children. It gets worse. The Israeli court has decided the woman has such bad anxiety she might not be able to front the court for 10 years. It beggars belief, and is a terrible insult to the Adass community here and particularly to the victims and their families. It also beggars belief that some members of the Adass community are reportedly sending her money to fund her existence in Israel.”

One wonders why her colleagues were so eager to protect her. Were there other top Jews in that community who were molesting children, and this was in part an act to cover up other wrong-doing?


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