Obama Wiretapping Scandal Making Barbra Streisand Fat!

by Jeff Davis

Last week, we heard that of all the vile atrocities of which Donald Trump has been accused, the most heinous and despicable was that he was making Barbra Streisand fat!

Well now, his tweeting on the Obama wiretap scandal has sent Ms. Streisand waddling back to the nearest Kosher bakery and accelerated the fattening!

An article from the Hollywood Reporter notes “Barbra Streisand says Donald Trump is making her gain weight. The [74-year-old] singer tweeted on Saturday that news involving the president affects her morning routine. ‘Donald Trump is making me gain weight. I start the day with liquids, but after the morning news, I eat pancakes smothered in maple syrup!’ the singer tweeted on Saturday.”

Of course it’s got nothing to do with all the knishes, cheese blintzes and chocolate rugelach that she’s shoveling down her Yiddish pie-hole; it’s all Trump’s fault!

The article continues “Her comments come after Trump recently claimed the Obama administration wiretapped into his Trump Tower phones during the 2016 presidential election. The White House asked Congress to investigate the matter on Sunday. ‘Trump just accused Obama of tapping his phones. Seriously crazy times,’ added Streisand. ‘Time for more pancakes.'”

I’ve got news for Ms. Streisand: That story about Obama wiretapping Trump is completely true although Obama has probably lined up some underlings to take the fall for what he ordered them to do. There’s a good chance Babs will hit 400 lbs by the time Jeff Sessions finishes an investigation of this wiretapping scandal.

The article notes “The performer has made it clear in the past that she is not a supporter of Trump. Streisand penned an essay for The Huffington Post titled ‘Clueless, Reckless, Graceless, Mindless and Heartless: Our President Elect,’ where she expressed that Trump is ‘dangerous and unfit for office.'”

And that’s coming from a self-important Hollywood actress, who would never have had an acting or singing career if she weren’t Jewish and Hollywood wasn’t run by her fellow tribesmen.

Ms. Streisand is notorious for being one of the most foul, obnoxious, condescending Divas in Hollywood history so all the “little people” that she despises so much and has treated so badly, who love Trump, can rejoice at her steadily climbing weight scale and the toll that Trump is taking on Ms. Streisand’s waistline.


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