Update on Obama Wiretap Scandal

by James Buchanan

More and more information is coming out about the Obama Wiretap Scandal. It’s becoming crystal clear that Trump’s accusation was far from wild speculation or a made up charge as the fake news media (such as CNN and MSNBC) are claiming. Evidence is piling up that the Trump Tower was wiretapped, and that the Obama regime broke the law in setting up those wiretaps.

Not too surprisingly, the Democrats had a couple of the hacks under their control issue statements denying the scandal. James Clapper, who earlier had perjured himself before Congress, denied that Obama wiretapped Trump, and James Comey, who told the whole world that Hillary was not guilty of any crimes –right after listing all the crimes she committed in the classified e-mail scandal– also made a statement trying to clear Obama even though the FBI has nothing to do with the FISA court that broke the law setting up the wiretap.

A National Review article from January 11th reports “In June, an initial FISA affidavit (obviously prepared by the FBI and the Justice Department’s National Security Division) was submitted to the FISA court. It is said to have ‘named Trump’ … the FISA court rejected the application that ‘named Trump.’”

Only a tiny handful of FISA surveillance requests are ever turned down. Most likely the first judge to get this request smelled a 160 lb rat with the initials “B-O.” Crooked Hillary was running for president and there was little doubt she would want every advantage she could get including wiretap info on her opponent, so she asked her partner-in-crime, Barack Obama to wrangle a wiretap order to get her Trump’s innermost political secrets.

The judge has a legal responsibility to turn down any requests that are a flagrant abuse of power; otherwise the judge will share the blame for granting the illegal wiretap and even become a possible scapegoat as Hillary and Obama deny any involvement.

The article notes “Five months later, the Justice Department and FBI submitted a second, more ‘narrowly’ drawn affidavit to the FISA court. The way the Heat Street report is written intimates that Trump is not named in this October application for FISA surveillance. The tie to Trump also appears weak: Heat Street says the FISA court was presented with evidence of a server ‘possibly related’ to the Trump campaign and its ‘alleged links’ to two Russian banks.”

The second request was no more justifiable than the first request, which was rejected. It’s known that Roger Stone and Paul Manafort were both being wiretapped, but their wiretaps may have gone on for a year and it’s still not known which court authorized those wiretaps.

An interview of Newt Gingrich on the Bill O’Reilly show revealed that the General Flynn phone conversation with the Russians which was leaked to the press from a government wiretap, took place inside the Trump Tower, which was being used as Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters. The interview can be seen below and this revelation came up in the last minute:

No one likes being spied on, and an illegally issued wiretap adds insult to injury. Obama may have thought he was being clever by abusing the FISA court, but he may find himself in the same prison cell as the judge who issued that wiretap once all this is properly investigated and criminally prosecuted.


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