Obama Regime Guilty of Third World Corruption by Wiretapping Trump

by James Buchanan

Let’s say someone abused his power in the government and made up an excuse to put secret cameras inside your house. Months later you discover nude pictures of yourself being posted on the Internet. Wouldn’t you want that sort of abuse of power investigated and punished?

Now let’s say it was something a little more important in the grand scheme of things like one political party spying on another during a presidential campaign. Wouldn’t that just scream Third World corruption?

An article from Fox Insider reports “In a “Justice with Judge Jeanine” exclusive interview, President Donald Trump’s senior counselor Kellyanne Conway responded to the president’s allegations of wiretapping by the Obama administration.”

“When asked by the judge if Trump definitively knows the answer to whether he was wiretapped, Conway said, ‘He may.'”

Trump knows that people that he routinely talked with during the campaign, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, were under surveillance due to a cooked up FISA ruling that just screams corruption. That alone is proof that the Trump presidential campaign was being spied on by the Obama regime. Only a fake news outlet would try to deny that fact.

The Democrats are parsing words -trying to say that they didn’t actually wiretap Trump —they only wiretapped key people that Trump was talking to every day about the campaign!! I guess in their minds it’s not wiretapping Trump if they only wiretapped the phones, he was calling, and not his phone. (Obama may have wiretapped Trump’s phone too; we’re just finding out the first details of this scandal.)

And would you trust the Obama regime to not use any inside information that they obtained by wiretapping Trump’s phone conversations?

Remember that just before the election Barack Obama told illegal aliens that they had nothing to worry about if they voted in the 2016 election as noted here. So he was encouraging millions of people to commit felonies to help elect Hillary. And some people wonder if he passed wiretap info on to Hillary!

The Washington Post notes that Donna Brazile is not even sorry for giving Hillary Clinton the questions for a presidential debate in advance so Hillary could cheat and have an unfair advantage.

Clearly the Democrats have no morality problem with breaking the law or getting information that they shouldn’t have to help Hillary’s campaign.

The question of Obama passing on inside information to Hillary is like seeing a fox leaving the chicken coop and finding out that you have two less chickens. It’s pretty dam obvious what happened even though the fake news media wants to deny it.

There’s no denying it: The Democrats spied on the Republican presidential campaign in 2016. If Trump and the Republicans don’t want this to happen again, they need to prosecute Obama and Hillary. They have no choice.


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