Did Obama Wire-Tap Trump to Help Hillary’s Campaign?


by James Buchanan

The headline story on the Drudge Report this weekend is a sensational new scandal that Barack Obama wiretapped Donald Trump’s phone during the 2016 election.

An article from the U.K. Sun reports “The US President unleashed a string of tweets slamming his predecessor…”

“In an astonishing series of early morning tweets, the firebrand President claimed his predecessor had tapped his phones during the ‘very sacred election process’, slamming it as a ‘Nixon/Watergate’ scandal.”

We already know that the Hillary campaign conspired with the DNC to undermine the Bernie Sanders’ campaign. We also know Donna Brazile obtained presidential debate questions in advance so Hillary could cheat and look more competent than she actually is. We also know that the Democrats gave driver’s licences to four million illegal aliens in California and fought against photo ID laws for voting in many states so that even more illegals could vote and so that inner city Democrats could vote multiple times. On top of all that, we know that millions of dead people voted for the Democrats -again- and that electronic voting machines were flipping votes from Trump to Hillary.


Basically Hillary Clinton rigged the 2016 election, but still lost.

Given that resume of corruption (that doesn’t even get into the Clinton Body Count, Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm, the Mena Airport drug smuggling operation and related money-laundering, illegal foreign donations and bribe-taking via the Clinton Foundation) is it a surprise to any well-informed American that the Democrats would abuse their power and spy on Donald Trump’s communications to try to give Hillary an edge in the election?

Why would Obama stick out his neck and help Hillary? Obama has quite a few skeletons in his closet too. By helping Hillary get elected, Obama would ensure that no one would go digging around to see what illegal or questionable actions occurred under his rule. Obama’s foreign policy for the last eight years has either been completely insane or outright treasonous. We overthrew the stable Gaddafi regime in Libya, installed a radical Islamic government and caused the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three American security contractors, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

During Obama’s presidency, ISIS rose up in several nations either thanks to his incompetence or assistance.

The Democrats are frantically scurrying about to find some excuse for wire-tapping Trump. Obama already had the FBI investigate alleged “ties” between the Trump campaign and the Russians, which was never a real issue and the FBI told Obama that there were no Russian ties or crimes going on. Despite the FBI clearing Trump, Obama requested that Trump be wire-tapped anyway AFTER the FBI cleared him!

There’s only one reason for Obama wanting to tap Trump’s phone back in October during the last month of the campaign: Obama wanted to help Hillary win so that crimes and possible treason by Obama (and Hillary) would remain uninvestigated.

The Democrats were fairly certain that Hillary would win so Obama probably thought there would be a zero chance of this wire-tapping ever being exposed. Apparently Obama did an incompetent job of covering his tracks in his last months, and crooked Hillary couldn’t complete the cover-up and bleach-bit all the servers since she lost the election.

We need to demand that Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions hold all Americans accountable to the law. No one, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should continue to be “above the law.” If Obama wiretapped Donald Trump either illegally or by abusing his power, he needs to be prosecuted, convicted and sent to prison.


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