Naked Crime Wave in America

by James Buchanan

It’s not just liberals who are having mental breakdowns; some criminals and drug addicts are also losing their minds. The latest criminal loon is Stanley Wilson, who was caught trespassing and acting erratically while naked.

A Washington Post article reports “Former Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson II was arrested while naked Saturday for the third time in less than a year…”

“Police said that when they arrived, Wilson emerged from a backyard shed with no clothing on…”

“In June, Wilson was arrested after allegedly trying to break into a house in Portland, Ore. He was shot in the abdomen by the homeowner in that incident….”

You’d think getting shot by a homeowner might convince him to stop using drugs, but not so much.

“(P)olice found him naked in a water fountain in the backyard…”

Perhaps, he thought he was a pigeon and he was looking for a bird bath.

The article continues “In January, police found Wilson naked while outside a stranger’s home in Portland. They said he was ‘running around’ and appeared high, but no new charges were brought. Wilson’s mug shot after that arrest showed him in a state of great distress.”

“Wilson was… ordered to undergo drug counseling in January after failing a test for methamphetamine the previous month.”

While it’s true meth can cause some bizarre behavior, there’s another drug that seems to be the favorite of naked criminals: Bath salts!

One article reports “People on bath salts have been running around naked and committing crimes! It’s a strange phenomenon for sure, and it’s been trending around the world online.

“Police caught on to the trend following a naked crime wave outbreak in Arizona that has since spread across the United States and even to Canada… Addiction specialists have since suggested that so-called bath salts may be the culprit. The active ingredient in bath salts is called mephedrone, a synthetic substance that is claimed to make users feel confident and energized… However, it can also cause serious rage, severe confusion, hallucinations, and abnormally high body temperatures…”

The bath salt problem unfortunately is not a joke. Crazed people on bath salts have carried out some horrific attacks on innocent people, including a few murders. This is yet one more reason why ordinary Americans need to carry concealed weapons for their self-defense.


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