Police Officer in Anaheim Fires Gun during Confrontation with Non-White Teens


by James Buchanan

A confrontation between a White police officer at his home and a group of swarthy public school students ended with the arrest of two students and the officer discharging his firearm as he was being surrounded by the students.

On the previous day, the officer politely asked the students not to walk on his property and was met with verbal abuse.

During the confrontation the next day, the officer, who was wearing street clothes because he was off duty, identified himself as a policeman and attempted to do a citizen’s arrest of a student who accosted him and crossed onto his property.

A Fox 11 article reports “Anaheim’s police chief on Thursday defended the decision not to arrest an off-duty Los Angeles police officer who fired a weapon during an altercation with a group of teenagers, saying there was ‘insufficient evidence’ at the time to indicate he committed a crime.”

“The skirmish and gunfire was caught on cell phone video that has since been widely circulated, contributing to protests that turned violent in Anaheim Wednesday night, resulting in nearly two dozen arrests. Some demonstrators questioned why Anaheim police arrested two teens involved in the Tuesday afternoon confrontation, but the officer was not.”

Maybe the teenagers were arrested because one of them trespassed onto the officer’s property and resisted arrest, and the other teenager interfered with the arrest of the first.

What’s most stunning about the video of the incident is that the teenage thugs continue to threateningly approach the police officer as he arrests the first loud-mouthed punk. During the encounter, the punk reportedly said that he would shoot or sue the officer. The policeman says that the teenager said “shoot.”

The article continues “The Los Angeles Police Protective League, the union representing LAPD officers, defended the off-duty officer, saying he acted in self-defense.”

“‘The publicly available cell phone video shows that our officer was physically assaulted by multiple individuals and the officer sustained injuries,’ according to the union.”

“‘There is no question, however, that when a police officer is attacked, they have a right and a duty to protect themselves, no matter the age of the offender,’ according to the LAPPL.”

“Dozens of people protested outside the officer’s home near Euclid Street and Palai Road Wednesday night. Police initially said 24 people had been arrested, but Quezada put the number at 23 — 18 adults and five juveniles.”

“The infractions attributed to the protestors were all misdemeanors and included failure to disperse, resisting arrest and battery on a peace officer, Anaheim police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said.”

“There were reports that several residences and vehicles, including the LAPD officer’s, were vandalized amid the protests, but damage estimates were not immediately available.”

The fact that the parents and friends of these teenagers vandalized property, sprayed graffiti and threw a rock through the window of a nearby home that they mistook for the officer’s home and that 23 people had to be arrested suggests that the teenagers, who were arrested, are the disrespectful thug children of disrespectful thug parents.

Note that the mainstream media (as usual) has done a terrible job of reporting what the real situation is here. It’s fairly certain that this isn’t merely a case of kids cutting across someone’s lawn, which of course would be a very minor problem.

If the media would actually talk to the people, who owned homes in that neighborhood, they would likely find that things were being stolen off the front porches and perhaps six foot high graffiti was being sprayed on the garage doors of some homes. Past activity like that (which is fairly certain to happen given the presence of gangster Latinos) could easily explain why the officer was reacting the way he did.

The thuggish behavior of the kids and the criminal vandalism that occurred later strongly suggests that completely disrespectful criminal teenagers are the problem, not the police officer.

White people have been forced out of neighborhoods many times in the past as thuggish non-Whites commit crimes, curse White people as they leave their homes and make like hell for any Whites who try to live near them. If these teenagers would be this disrespectful and thuggish toward an armed police officer at his home, how do you think they would treat you?

Update: The John and Ken radio show in Los Angeles had a reporter talk to one of the neighbors of the police officer in this story. He said that teenagers from that high school had been causing trouble for years and that “They make a challenge out of kicking the rocks onto… the driveway every day and they do it deliberately.”

The kids from the high school routinely trespass onto the front lawns of homeowners. Sometimes they walk down the middle of the street (which must be annoying for anyone, who is trying to drive there) and they kick rocks from the landscaped gardens onto the driveways every school day so the homeowners had to sweep them back or drive over them. Also, the kids were “tagging” the properties, which means they were defacing walls and garage doors with spray paint, possibly putting up gang names.

Notice the liberal media was withholding all this information to make a White police officer look bad or they were too lazy to obtain the other side of the story. The way they reported the story, they made it sound like students were merely stepping off the sidewalk a little and onto their front lawns. One liberal outlet claimed the whole incident started with a Latino girl “grazing” the front lawn as if she just barely stepped on it.

In reality, homeowners had a real concern with Latino vandals spray painting their properties and causing considerable expense and aggravation.

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