Has Diversity “Jumped the Shark”?

by James Buchanan

In one of her columns Ann Coulter observed “Gen. George Casey, responded to a massacre of 13 Americans in which the suspect is a Muslim by saying: ‘Our diversity … is a strength.’ As long as the general has brought it up: Never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a problem.” Coulter entitles her article “Diversity has jumped the shark, horrifically”. The expression “jumping the shark” means that something has gone too far or gone on too long, referring specifically to an episode of “Happy Days” that let everyone know the writers had run out of ideas.

Throughout our society empty headed individuals keep repeating the mantra “Diversity is a strength.” You’ll hear that endlessly at Boeing. They even spend money to put it in their commercials. Meanwhile, Diversity has made Boeing so increasingly incompetent that their new 787 aircraft is 20,000 lbs overweight and at least two years overdue for its first flight. After decades of succesful aircraft engineering with a virtually all-White work force, Boeing has fully embraced Diversity over the last 20 years. Everywhere at Boeing you will see Pakis, Hindus and every other imaginable Third World immigrant brought over as cheap replacements for White engineers. And these Third World engineers will never go away until Boeing finally goes bankrupt.

You see “Diversity” is not just a fad; it’s a RELIGION. Corporate executives have fully embraced it. It got started off as racial quotas, which discriminated against White people to increase the number of Blacks and Latinos. Then, these corporate executives noticed there were Pakis, Hindus and Bangladeshis claiming to have “engineering” degrees, and they began hiring them as if they were as good as White American engineers. Nevermind the fact that the average engineering college in the Third World is apparently a sad joke and the students apparently cheat their way through all the classes.

And it’s not just engineering. We’ve gotten some real “winners” in medical science thanks to “Die-versity”. Consider Jayant Patel, an Indian “doctor” who mal-practiced medicine in both the US and Australia, killing 87 people in the process. An MSNBC article reports “Dr. Jayant Patel was allowed to practice medicine in Australia despite having been cited for gross negligence in two U.S. states… A doctor turned off a woman’s life support ventilator in an Australian hospital because the director of surgery, dubbed ‘Dr. Death,’ wanted her bed to operate on another patient, an investigation finds. The surgeon, Jayant ‘Jay’ Patel, 56, is the subject of an official inquiry in the Australian state of Queensland examining why the doctor was permitted to practice medicine in 2003 despite a nearly 20-year history of criticism and sanctions imposed by medical authorities in Oregon and New York as a result of his work practices.”

As Miss Coulter notes the latest glaring example of Diversity not working was Major Nidal Hasan, a militant Muslim in the US military, who was protected by political correctness until he finally went on a (highly predictable) shooting spree, killing 13 Americans and wounding dozens more. Hasan had made numerous anti-American statements that should have drummed him out of the military years ago. But our military worships at the altar of Diversity and believes that “Diversity is a strength”.

I hope Miss Coulter is right when she says Diversity has finally “jumped the shark” with this latest spectacular failure. I think we’re a long way from finishing off Diversity. It will remain a part of our government for years to come. Anti-White racial quotas will be forced on businesses as long as the two-party system remains in power. And Boeing will remain enslaved to the idea of Diversity even beyond the failure of the 787 project. Most likely they’ll follow GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy, refusing to go back to an all-White work force (as if federal quotas would allow that).

A majority of White Americans has no doubt woken up to the fact that Diversity is a bad idea. Most of them can’t do much about it right now. Hopefully a pro-White party will arise in the near future so these people can start supporting politicians who will move America back from the brink of disaster, instead of diving over the edge like a herd of lemmings.


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