“Early Release” Latino Gang Member Kills Two and Wounds Police Officer

by James Buchanan

If early news reports are true, a criminal Latino gang member committed a murder, stole a car, got into a car accident and then shot two responding police officers, killing one of them. The liberals have assured us over and over that only non-violent criminals are getting an early release from prison. The liberals prefer to spend taxpayers’ money on their various pet projects rather than build more prisons and keep dangerous criminals locked up for their full sentences.

Keeping dangerous criminals off the streets should take priority over EVERYTHING as this latest incident proves. It does little good to pour countless billions into the public school system if gang-bangers get an early release from prison so they can terrorize their neighborhoods and recruit more inner city kids into their gangs to continue the cycle of violence, drug trafficking and drug addiction.

A KTLA news article reports “One Whittier police officer has died and another officer was wounded following a shootout with a ‘known gang member’ Monday morning, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. …The incident, which also left a suspect injured, occurred around 8:30 a.m. …”

Another KTLA article reports “Once other officers arrived on scene, the shooter was taken into custody. He was driving a stolen car and was a known gang member from Los Angeles with an extensive rap sheet, Corina said.”

“Authorities have identified the 26-year-old Hispanic suspect, but have not named him yet.”

“He was released from custody about a week before Monday’s shooting and was on parole, Corina said, calling it an ‘early release.’ It’s not yet known why he was released or what charge he had been serving time for.”

“The car had been stolen out of East Los Angeles, where the suspect may have been involved in another killing earlier Monday morning, Corina said.”

Donald Trump should call the liberals to account for avoidable shootings like this. Liberal politicians like Governor Jerry Brown are literally on the side of the criminals. Brown apparently doesn’t care about the lives of innocent civilians and police.

If it turns out this Latino gang member was an illegal alien or descended from illegal aliens, this should be trumpeted on the Alt-Right media and mentioned by Trump. The liberals have a narrative that illegal aliens are all wonderful, hard-working people while the truth is that many wind up on welfare and food stamps and more than a few young Latinos join gangs.

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