Liberals, Diversity and the Oroville Dam Emergency


by James Buchanan

For anyone, who may have missed it, California just came perilously close to a catastrophe at the tallest dam in the United States, which holds 61 percent of the water storage capacity for the California State Water Project.

A thirty foot concrete wall on top of a hill, that forms the emergency spillway was almost toppled as water flooding over it severely eroded the hillside underneath it.

An NBC article reported on Tuesday that “Mandatory evacuations remained in effect Monday afternoon for nearly 190,000 people in Northern California after a spillway serving the country’s tallest dam developed a hole that threatened to release uncontrolled floodwaters, officials said… the emergency spillway could unleash a wall of water onto communities and rivers below if it collapses.”

Despite a warning years ago that it should put a protective concrete coating on the hillside under the emergency spillway as noted here, the government of California failed to do this. Jerry Brown has been governor since 2011 and the Democrats have had a stranglehold on the legislature for decades.


The main spillway appears to have no reinforcing steel bars in it, and a photo from 2013 suggests that the spillway was damaged back then in the vicinity where it later failed. Perhaps, the soil eroded underneath the spillway or perhaps a test of the spillway was done that caused damage there. Whatever the reason, the spillway should have been rebuilt with steel reinforcement, which would have been a relatively minor project if planned ahead intelligently.


Other serious mistakes that led to the near-disaster include letting the dam fill up close to the top in February. We’ve had months of heavy rain, and it seems likely this will continue for the rest of the rainy season. Also snow accumulation has been about twenty feet in the mountains of California. Why didn’t anyone at the State Water Project calculate the space necessary in the 770 foot tall dam for when all that snow melts, not to mention space for more rain?

The reason for all this is that California is a Third World country. We have a non-White majority that elects liberal imbeciles to run the state. That’s why we have an octogenarian hippy retread, known as Governor Moonbeam, running the state. Moonbeam, aka Jerry Brown has also squandered billions on a high-speed rail project, which is not “high-speed” and which is meeting none of its original goals, and which should be canceled before it balloons into a two or three hundred billion dollar boondoggle. Governor Moonbeam has also made it his priority to let thousands of dangerous criminals out of prison, and he’s supported making California a “sanctuary state.”

The rest of the U.S. needs to learn a lesson from California. We need to deport the illegal aliens and close the immigration door to the Third World. Otherwise, we’ll wind up with a non-White majority for the whole nation and the most insane liberal government imaginable will take power and basic tasks like keeping dangerous criminals in prison, deporting illegal aliens and maintaining the infrastructure, including the dams, will no longer get done.


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