Trump Passes over Irrelevant Mainstream Media at White House Press Conference


by James Buchanan

A Washington Times article reports “Mainstream media whines as Trump calls on less established news outlets… The mainstream media isn’t liking the new set up at the White House: Lesser name news outlets are being called on during press briefings, rather than the old, established bellwethers.”

“During his press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Donald Trump called on two news outlets: WJLA a local ABC news affiliate, and the Daily Caller…”

Why should Trump call on various liberal media dinosaurs, who are on the verge of extinction? The liberal media went “all in” for Hillary destroying their last shreds of credibility claiming that Hillary was way ahead of Trump in a vain effort to help crooked Hillary across the finish line. The mainstream media repeatedly lied about Trump and promoted conspiracy theories about Russian hacking.

The liberal media even stooped to attacking Trump’s family, including Trump’s son, Barron, and Trump’s wife, Melania.

A HollywoodReporter article notes “A New York Times reporter has been reprimanded by the paper for a comment made about first lady Melania Trump… (that) ‘Melania is a hooker.'”

And the mainstream media is mad about Trump not wanting to call on them!! Trump needs to exclude the worst of the liberal media, especially the liberal media that has a smaller audience that Alt-Right celebrities like Stefan Molyneux and Mike Cernovich have subscribers.

The average viewership at CNN is smaller the average audience of the John and Ken radio show in Los Angeles.

It’s long overdue that someone put the liberal media in its place, and Trump is the ideal man to do this. He’s already called out CNN as “fake news.” He needs to put the final nail in the liberal media’s coffin by excluding them from White House press conferences and by inviting popular news agencies like GatewayPundit and Infowars.


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