Eighteen Year Old Black Girl Committed a Felony per Day

By Jeff Davis

Here’s the latest gem that Diversity has given us:

The Miami Herald tells us: “Police say in Erica Abraham’s first three weeks of legal adulthood, the 18-year-old Hollywood woman:

▪ Led two minors, including her 15-year-old brother, in pepper spray robberies in Plantation.

▪ Was spotted by surveillance cameras and a former school classmate working a Pollo Tropical drive-through trying to spend the robbery booty

▪ Flipped on her younger brother as an accomplice under police questioning.

“Abraham, who turned 18 in January, sits in Broward County Jail on $356,000 bond covering the 10 felony charges and a misdemeanor involved in all of the above. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges.”

Wonder if her lawyer will try to argue that she was a victim of White racism, which compelled her to go on this crime spree.

The article continues “Plantation [Florida] police arrested Abraham on Jan. 23 as one of the three suspects in robberies that unnerved Publix shoppers in Plantation. From Jan. 15-18, four people described criminals popping out of a black Nissan Altima, firing pepper spray to the eyes, then robbing the blinded amid agony. All the victims were women. Three of the four got robbed after Publix shopping trips.”

“An arrest affidavit for Abraham says law enforcement in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties recognized the simple, but effective method of operation. Several Broward agencies met on Jan. 19 and determined one set of criminals committed most of the robberies.”

“The last of the Plantation robberies involved a senior citizen.”

Ghetto Blacks do not have respect for old people. They see them as easy, vulnerable victims to be violently assaulted. I wonder how many liberals have had their elderly parents or grandparents brutalized by Blacks. These crimes are happening more frequently by the way. The present generation of Social Justice Warriors will one day grow old and find themselves getting pepper-sprayed or bludgeoned on the way to the local shopping mall. Maybe they’ll get mugged by the grandchildren of the same Blacks that they ran with as young Communists.

The article notes “Surveillance cameras saw a dark Nissan Altima tailgating the senior’s Hyundai through the security gate of her housing development. The woman told police the Nissan rear-ended her. When she got out to assess and photograph the damage, the attack began. Pepper spray. Punches to the woman’s face as she fought for her car. More punches to the face as she fought for her handbag. Dragged along the ground by thieves pulling on the handbag.”

“About 40 minutes later, police say, the woman’s debit card was charged $50.87 in the Pollo Tropical drive-through. Two minutes later, another $21.68 of Pollo Tropical chow was purchased with the card. The young woman working the window recognized the young woman driving the dark sedan as Erica Abraham, a former middle school and high school classmate who returned the recognition.”


“Police say they recognized Abraham on a Jan. 15 Chevron gas station surveillance video, using a credit card stolen 15 minutes earlier in a spray-and-grab. Later that night, following another such robbery, the same woman appears back at the Chevron, 5601 Sunrise Blvd., using another victim’s credit card. On Abraham’s Facebook page, a Facebook photo from November showed her with a black Nissan Altima.”

Typical negroid criminal “genius.”

Imagine what this sheboon has cost us all in suffering, money, government man-hours, assorted welfare benefits raising her to adult thiefhood, medical expenses for her victims, so forth and so on. Not to mention how much it will cost to maintain her fat Black butt in prison eating some high calorie diet at our expense for who knows how many years.

Now multiply this case by millions and you get some idea of what the future holds for us if we don’t do something about America’s racial problems and separate the White race from these Third World predators.


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