The Bloodthirsty Left; Assassination Threats Multiply


by Jeff Davis

One of the most garish and bizarre phenomena produced in our new political age is this business of leftists calling for Trump’s murder on Twitter and Facebook and nothing being done about it. There are swarms of people who either don’t know or don’t care that it’s extremely illegal to call for a presidential assassination. The Secret Service is supposed to investigate every threat, but there have been so many, especially by ghetto Blacks, that they’ve only investigated and arrested a tiny number of a multitude.

A Breitbart article reports: “Is there a media-driven climate of violence? You bet there is, and it’s being whipped up by the left and the Main Stream Media, here and around the world. And it has a clear purpose: The ultimate goal is the destruction of the Trump presidency—and, for at least some, seemingly, the goal is the assassination of President Trump himself.”

“But don’t take Virgil’s word for it: Have a look at the cover of Village magazine. That cover shows a rifle’s crosshairs superimposed on a photograph of Trump’s head. And the headline reads, ‘Why Not?’”

“The once-obscure magazine, published in Ireland, is now basking in worldwide attention, and American social media are happy to magnify Village’s glorification of a criminal act. Here’s that deadly image, for example, on Twitter. As an aside, we might ask: Doesn’t Twitter have rules against ‘hate speech’ and ‘incitement of violence’? Or are they not enforced when the target is on the right?”

Well, I think we all know the answer to that, don’t we?

The unwillingness of Twitter, Facebook or anyone else on the Left to deal with threats to the President’s life has become a scandal. Here’s a Mark Dice video detailing some of these threats:

Can you imagine what would have happened if, during the election, one of us had said anything even mildly threatening about the Hildebeest? The FBI and the local SWAT team would have been rappelling through the hole they just blew in our roof, and we’d be going to Leavenworth.

What makes this a very serious problem is the high likelihood that one of the many low-IQ gang thugs in America’s big cities will take a shot at Trump because social media has told him over and over what a “hero,” he will be to the Left if he murders Trump. On top of that, we have to worry about the more serious threat from the sinister System politicians, who are none too happy that Trump brushed aside the likes of Jeb Bush.

I sincerely hope Trump thoroughly vets his Secret Service agents and removes any suspicious ones with a CIA background or with close ties to the Bushes or Clintons.


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