White Mom Murdered by Half-Black Daughter


by James Buchanan

There have been a number of cases where racially mixed families fail spectacularly. There’s the “O.J. and Nicole” syndrome, where the Black husband gets more and more violent until he goes completely nuts one day and murders his White wife, and there’s the racially mixed or adopted non-White children deciding to murder a White parent for their inheritance, which is pretty much what happened here.

An article from 2014 reports “Friends of a widow beaten to death and stuffed in a suitcase at a Bali resort say they warned her not to take her troublesome teenage daughter along on the dream vacation.”

“The news comes as it emerged police had been called to victim Sheila von Wiese Mack’s suburban Chicago home some 86 times to break up fights between the wealthy academic and her daughter, Heather Mack, 19, a college drop out who was ‘hanging out with a bad crowd’ and had recently moved into a hotel.”

“The two had an often tempestuous relationship, recalled close friend Mark Bacharach, and had been fighting prior to the vacation at the luxury St. Regis hotel on the Indonesian island resort.”

“But Mrs Mack tracked down her daughter, and despite the fact she ‘barely recognized her anymore’ the two set off on the 10-day-plus trip to the other side of the globe, where the 62-year-old ultimately met a grisly end.”

It sounds like this woman, Sheila Mack, had devastatingly poor judgment. First she marries a Black man, passing on his African genes to her daughter, which often include criminal genes and a serious drop in intelligence. The daughter wasn’t able to make it in college, not too surprisingly. The daughter started hanging out with a “bad crowd” in Chicago, which is full of seriously dangerous gangster Blacks, and the mother had to call authorities 86 times to get her daughter under control. You’d think she would realize her mistake and severe all ties, but she had some delusion that she could still make her family work.

Ignoring her friends, who warned her not to take her daughter to Bali with her, Sheila Mack displayed stunning liberal ignorance as she walked off like a sheep to the slaughter bringing her daughter and her Black boyfriend along with her to Bali. Her daughter then murdered her, and the daughter’s Black boyfriend stuffed the body into a trunk.

Fortunately, the authorities in Bali were able to apprehend her and lock her up, but they initially put most of the blame on the boyfriend, perhaps getting fooled by the smooth-talking mulatto sociopath daughter.

A Daily Telegraph article reports “Heather Mack is facing a tougher jail sentence after confessing to killing her mother herself in a prison video uploaded to YouTube.”

“Balinese prosecutors said they were reviewing the videos during which Mack said coldly ‘I killed her myself’ and ‘I don’t regret killing my mother’.”

“The 21-year-old is currently serving a 10 year sentence after being convicted alongside boyfriend Tommy Schaefer in 2015 of murdering Sheila von Wiese-Mack and stuffing her body in to a suitcase at the St Regis Hotel in Nusa Dua.”

“She was given a lighter sentence to benefit the pair’s daughter who Mack gave birth to in custody and still lives with behind bars. Schaefer is serving a 15 year term.”

Let’s hope Heather Mack has a long, long stay in a Balinese prison and that people learn from this multi-racial family’s story.


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