Nigerian, Turned Away by US, Gives Birth in England at Cost of £500,000


A pregnant Nigerian woman was turned away by US Border Patrol agents. She then traveled to London, gave birth to quadruplets there, and piled up a bill of 500 thousand pounds, which she of course was unable to pay.

This is a glaring example of what can happen if an advanced Western nation foolishly leaves its borders open to the six billion poor people, who live in the Third World.

Amazingly, this woman was refused entry to the US before Trump became president (probably because she was pregnant and had no job), but the lesson to be learned here is still important.

To add insult to injury, this woman had chosen to undergo in vitro fertilization, which often results in several fetuses developing. Apparently, she had the money for that, but she didn’t have the money for the costly multiple birth that resulted. This was a calculated move by her from the beginning to take advantage of lax border controls and to saddle a White nation with her medical costs.

An article from the Daily Mail reports “One of the largest hospitals in the country is chasing a bill of more than £500,000 from a Nigerian woman who gave birth to quadruplets.”

“The 43-year-old, named only as Priscilla, went into labour three months early shortly after landing at Heathrow airport in November.”

“She had intended to give birth to the babies in Chicago, in the US, where she has family – but was turned away by border officials upon arrival.”

“They claimed that although she had a visa, she did not have required documents from a hospital stating that she had the money to pay for the birth.”

For crying out loud, the country of origin should pretty much tell with a 99.999% certainty that she was not going to be able to pay for an expensive medical procedure.

The article continues “She was taken to the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in west London, part of Imperial College Hospital, where she delivered the four babies…”

“Staff estimate that the total bill for the highly complex birth and the care of the babies is already more than £500,000.”

“The cost of treating one baby in neonatal intensive care is £20,000 a week.”

So Britain has only begun to pay for the costs of this one Third World parasite. She delivered her babies several weeks prematurely so the additional neonatal intensive care cost could be another small fortune. Bear in mind that while this African woman is taking up valuable medical resources, a White mother might be denied access, and her baby might die because too many Third World babies were overloading the medical system in England.

The article notes “Priscilla is currently staying at a hostel run by a charity and is unable to afford the bill.”

“Her husband is in Nigeria, and cannot come to Britain to help take care of her as he does not have enough money for a visa or the flight.”

“Priscilla underwent IVF treatment, which has a high risk of multiple births, as she was struggling to conceive naturally due to her age.”

“She was told by her doctor to fly to the US to have her babies, as Nigerian hospitals do not have the ‘facilities to cater for the children’.”

There are now one billion people in sub-Saharan Africa with an average IQ of about 70 points. Apparently, they are unable to take care of themselves because swarms of them are invading both Europe and the United States, showing up penniless to have babies at our expense.

Perhaps this 43 year old African should have chosen not to have children given the financial state of her family and the over-population of Africans that exists today, rather than choosing to spread Africa’s problems to the Western world.

Millions of young White people are putting off having children or deciding not to have children at all because of the massive taxes of the welfare state, the lack of affordable housing and a shortage of good-paying jobs, which are problems that are made worse by the continuing invasion of Europe and the US by poor, low IQ Third World people.

America has finally taken action to address this problem with the election of Donald Trump, but a lot more honesty needs to be introduced into the debate about immigration. These Third World people have lower IQs due to their genetics. The lie of “racial equality” needs to be exposed and abolished. When half the population doesn’t know the truth or closes their eyes to the truth, it makes any resolution of the immigration problem that much more difficult.

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