Trump Fires Temporary Attorney General for Obstructing the Will of the People


by James Buchanan

A recent poll shows 57 percent of Americans approve Donald Trump’s decision to bad all Muslims from seven Muslim nations with serious terrorist problems. You’d think government officials would go along with a common sense move that’s strongly backed by the American people, but Noooo. Many liberals are digging their heels in, and one just lost her job for trying to obstruct what President Trump wants done.

An article on reports “In a stunning turn in a four-day drama that has defined his young presidency, President Trump, at 9:16 p.m. Monday, announced the firing of the acting attorney general who had defied him on his migrant-travel ban, saying she “has betrayed the Department of Justice.”

“Why Trump acted: Sally Yates, an Obama holdover, late Monday had ordered the Justice Department not to defend his controversial executive order imposing a 90-day ban on entry to the US. by citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.”

The Attorney General of the U.S. gets about $200k per year. Apparently, this militant liberal couldn’t keep her yap shut for the next week or two until Jeff Sessions gets confirmed. Oh well, she probably expects her husband to make up whatever money she kissed away by making this rather pointless and stupid political statement.

You don’t suppose we’ll get a conservative Attorney General now and he’ll appoint a special prosecutor to start looking into Hillary Clinton. If that’s the case, thank you Ms. Yates for speeding up the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and proving to the world what a pack of idiots, liberals are.

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