Terror Attack in Quebec


by James Buchanan

Despite early reports that two shooters were involved and they were yelling “Allahu akbar” as noted here and a claim on Reddit that police radio traffic described the two men arrested for the shooting as having Muslim names, the mainstream media is now telling us that the attack in Canada was done by a lone White nationalist.

An ABC news article claims “A French-Canadian university student has been charged with six counts of premeditated first-degree murder following the shooting at a Quebec City mosque that killed six people.”

“Court documents identified the gunman in the attack on Sunday evening prayers as Alexandre Bissonnette.”

“He was also charged with five counts of attempted murder, according to court papers.”

There have been a number of mass shootings where early reports claimed multiple shooters and then the “official” news story then claims that only one shooter was involved. Well, you can add this story to the list.

Many recent shootings and terrorist attacks have been quickly followed by leftist politicians like Chuck Schumer pushing more gun control and police state legislation on the American people. It’s as if they somehow knew those shootings were going to take place.

Another significant thing to consider is that American patriots succeeded in electing a nationalist, Donald Trump, who just closed the border to seven Muslim countries. The Globalists do not want nationalism spreading to Canada and Europe, and what better way to demonize nationalists than to have an anti-Muslim shooting just after Trump’s election. It’s curious that the shooting took place in Canada. Perhaps, that’s got something to do with the fact that the Globalists don’t control the U.S. government right now, but they do control Canada.

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