A California Secession?


by Jeff Davis

Calexit, or the secession of California from the U.S. to form a separate country, is back in the news again.

A Reuters article reports: “The election of Republican businessman Donald Trump as president of the United States has some Californians dreaming – of their own country.”

“One in every three California residents supports the most populous U.S. state’s peaceful withdrawal from the union, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, many of them Democrats strongly opposed to Trump’s ascension to the country’s highest office.”

The poll neglects to say how many of the people supporting secession are illegal aliens. Nor does it say how many of those wanting to avoid secession live north of Sacramento in the largely White northern part of the state. Also notice how respectful the article is of this secession movement since it’s being supported by liberals. When Texas wanted to free itself from the loathsome, oppressive Obama regime, they were portrayed as radical right-wing gun nuts.

The Reuters article continues “The 32 percent support rate is sharply higher than the last time the poll asked Californians about secession, in 2014, when one-in-five or 20 percent favored it around the time Scotland held its independence referendum and voted to remain in the United Kingdom.”

I wonder if this secession movement is yet another protest financed by George Soros.

I hate to tell these people, but the Democrat Party will never allow this to happen because they would lose two senators and a number of Congressmen and who knows how many patronage jobs and slush funds and money sources.

Most Republicans would like to see California go. One third of the welfare recipients in the U.S. live in California. A modified secession of just San Francisco and Los Angeles County would be even more popular. Maybe the two new city states could be renamed Sodom and Gomorrah.


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