The End of an Error (Buh Bye Obama)


by James Buchanan

If anyone had any doubts that liberalism is a mental illness, they only need to watch the mental breakdowns taking place on the Left as Trump’s inauguration rapidly approaches. Any sane person should be glad that eight years of incompetent bungling, foreign policy disasters, not guarding the border with Mexico and ten trillion dollars in new debt would be coming to an end. But no. These hopeless Social Justice Warriors are so committed to liberal causes that they don’t want a prosperous America and people being able to get jobs.

The liberal media is hyping every ridiculous protest group from a homosexual dance party that staged an “event” outside Mike Pence’s DC home to news stories fantasizing about a terror attack wiping out Trump before he’s sworn in.

Internet celebrity Mark Dice created a compilation of liberals making death threats against Donald Trump which can be seen here:

An article on reports “…when it comes to the inauguration of Donald Trump, Andrea Bocelli, the wonderfully gifted, blind operatic tenor, has decided not to perform, despite being a friend of the president-elect. And reports indicate that it was not just because he was threatened with a boycott; rather, it was because of death threats that his security team deemed too serious to ignore.”

“Broadway star Jennifer Holliday has also dropped out of the inaugural festivities after being branded an ‘Uncle Tom.’ …”

“My issue is with the reaction of the so-called ‘tolerant and enlightened’ left, the same left that, we are told, tends “to reject bigotry and hate,” yet goes on violent looting riots when it doesn’t get its way and launches death threats against celebrities who stand publicly with Trump.”

All these liberals loudly complaining about Trump becoming president and deporting millions of illegal aliens are nothing but hypocrites. The vast majority of White liberals live in the lily-White suburbs of America, far from the ghetto Blacks and Latinos who tend to terrorize poorer White people, who can’t afford to move to better neighborhoods.

If liberals truly hate White America and love Diversity, how come none of them are moving to Morocco or Zanzibar to escape the Trump presidency and all the prosperity that is likely to come with it? Why is it that the Hollywood elite always threaten to move to Canada, but never Mexico? It seems like liberals love to complain about White people, but when it comes to where they want to live, it’s always a White suburb. Why can’t liberals just admit White people are the best and quit pretending they love Diversity when their actions show that they don’t really mean it?


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