Eugene Cernan, Last Man on the Moon, Dies at 82


by James Buchanan

American hero, Gene Cernan, has died at age 82. He was the last man to stand on the surface of the moon. The Apollo astronauts no doubt thought that they were merely the first of the astronaut explorers and that their deeds would one day be surpassed by the first astronaut on mars.

None of them envisioned America slipping into a new “Dark Ages” in which big government liberals dictated the course of the nation and lazy indolent Third World people would consume trillions of taxpayers’ dollars, leaving almost nothing for space exploration.

A Washington Times article notes “Cernan said that he, Armstrong and Apollo 13 Commander James Lovell agreed that the (Obama) administration’s budget for human space exploration ‘presents no challenges, has no focus, and in fact is a blueprint for a mission to ‘nowhere.””

A Fox News Article reports “Cernan was the commander of Apollo 17 in December 1972 – the last lunar mission and one of the final Apollo flights. When Cernan stepped out from lunar module ‘Challenger’ he became the 11th person to walk on the moon. His lunar module pilot, Jack Schmitt, was the 12th. But as commander, Cernan was the last to re-enter the lunar module, giving him the designation of being the last person to walk on the lunar surface….”

“Cernan had previously served as the lunar module pilot on Apollo 10 and was a pilot on the Gemini IX mission.”

“On the Apollo 10 flight, Cernan and Commander Tom Stafford flew to within eight miles of the surface of the moon. The May mission served as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the historic Apollo 11 mission two months later.”

“Cernan became the second American to walk in space on the Gemini IX mission in 1966.”

“Cernan logged 566 hours and 15 minutes in space, of which 73 hours were spent on the surface of the moon, according to NASA.”

A great nation engages in exploration and dares to do great things.

Our increasingly multi-racial America is turning into a Third World country. Homeless people can be found in every big American city as well as vast minority ghetto areas, and the liberals only want to shovel more food and money at the growing swarm of Third World people, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat. No one in government now has the will or vision to explore space or to spend money on new technology for space exploration.

The space program from the 1960s gave us everything from camcorders to compact computers, but politicians like Obama don’t understand the importance of developing new technology to make society prosperous because they have no vision which is why we’ve gone nowhere in terms of space or prosperity for the last eight years.

Hopefully with the election of Donald Trump, our nation will finally start moving in a better direction, including the manned exploration of space.


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