Attractive White Woman Murdered by Black

by James Buchanan

An article from the Telegraph reports “A Maryland man has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of an actress and yoga teacher who went missing on Christmas Day.”

Notice they describe the accused murderer as a “Maryland man.” They can’t call him an African-American, and maybe provide a learning experience for millions of naive White people that maybe they should at least be careful around Blacks, which goes double for attractive women.

The article notes “Tricia McCauley, 46, failed to show up at a friend’s house for Christmas dinner in Washington DC. She then didn’t show up for a flight out of the city.”

“A hunt was launched and a man who was driving her Toyota Scion car was later arrested in a pharmacy. He handed over the keys to officers who found the actress’s body in the car. She was strangled by a ligature and suffered blunt force trauma, the Metropolitan Police Department said.”

“Adrian Duane Johnson of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, was charged on Tuesday. Police said they don’t believe McCauley, of Washington, and Johnson knew each other, and they don’t know how Johnson encountered McCauley.”

Notice that the article doesn’t mention whether or not the woman was sexually assaulted.

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Miss McCauley had also been involved in a number of minor acting roles.

Our society encourages White women to waste their lives.

Why wasn’t this attractive 46 year old woman married with two children? Why was she teaching yoga and doing forgettable minor acting roles when she should have been raising White children? Instead, she was murdered on Christmas Day by a Black!


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