“Party Bus” Full of Blacks Loots 7-11 in Huntington Beach


Apparently some African-American youths decided to do some last minute looting while brother Obama was still in office.

A news article from KABC reports “Two men have been arrested after the assault of a 7-Eleven clerk that occurred Saturday night when a crowd of unruly party bus passengers stormed the Huntington Beach convenience store and stole several items, authorities said.”

“According to the clerk, who gave his name only as Mohammad, the incident began about 11 p.m. when the bus pulled into the 7-Eleven parking lot in the 700 block of Pacific Coast Highway.”

“Some 30 people rushed into the store, Mohammad recalled, and began looting beer, candy and chips. The clerk said he asked the individuals to pay for the items but gave up when he realized the request was futile.”

“They just pushed and shoved him around as he was trying to stop them from stealing items from the store,” said Officer Jennifer Marlatt, spokeswoman for the Huntington Beach Police Department.

“After a few minutes, the mob re-boarded the bus and left the scene, Mohammad said…”

“Seven loaded handguns were seized after being found inside the bus, authorities said, adding that none were used in the robbery.”

The authorities in liberal cities often bend over backwards not to charge Blacks with crimes. During the George Zimmerman trial, very few news sources reported that Trayvon Martin had assaulted a bus driver and was caught with burglary tools and stolen jewelry from a burglary near his school. Trayvon was never criminally charged because the school and local police didn’t want young African Americans accumulating a criminal record during their teen years.

In this latest incident, it sounds like 30 Blacks looted something from the 7-11, but they’ve only arrested the two Blacks, who assaulted the clerk. The 7-11 store will likely get reimbursed by their insurance for their losses, and the cost will be dumped on everyone else.

Of course, no Blacks are being charged with illegal possession of a firearm despite seven loaded handguns being found amongst them. I guess they only enforce that law when some White guy gets caught carrying a pistol against California law to defend himself.

The state of California and local jurisdictions of course should NOT be able to outlaw the concealed carry of firearms. Given the large number of Blacks, who are willing to steal at the first opportunity, not to mention what happened to that poor White guy in Chicago, who was kidnapped and tortured for being White, this should prove that White people have a need for concealed carry if they live near Blacks. The Blacks on that bus apparently got a pass for carrying firearms illegally. Wonder if they gave them their guns back.


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