All the Missed Opportunities to Prevent the Fort Lauderdale Shooting


by James Buchanan

First of all is the issue of having Third World people in a White nation. Naturally the mainstream media doesn’t ever want to mention this issue, but just think of the fact that the vast majority of the criminal mis-use of guns in the U.S. is by Black and Latino thugs and gang members. The Founding Fathers set up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for a White nation, not a heavily multi-racial nation.

The U.S. foolishly took Puerto Rico from the Spanish Empire and we’ve had problems with it ever since. A flood of Puerto Ricans invaded New York and New Jersey with a very large criminal element and an average IQ not much above room temperature.

Our retention of Puerto Rico most recently led to American taxpayers being saddled with a $72 billion dollar bail out. A Daily Wire news article notes “Puerto Rico’s debt is far worse than any other American municipality. To compare, Puerto Rico’s outstanding debt of $72 billion dwarfs Detroit’s $20 billion debt at the peak of the city’s financial crisis.”

Clearly we would be much better off if we granted Puerto Rico its independence and immediately expelled all Puerto Ricans in the U.S. to that backward Third World financial black hole.

As usual with these mass shootings, numerous signs that the individual was mentally ill were ignored. Third World people have a much higher incidence of mental illness than White people and the number of mentally ill people in the U.S., thanks in part to millions of Third World invaders, has overwhelmed the capacity of all the mental institutions. In the 1960s, insane people were routinely locked up in mental asylums in the U.S. Today, most of the insane are just dumped on the streets and allowed to run loose until they criminally attack someone.

In the case of Esteban Santiago, he committed a felonious assault on his girlfriend one year ago, but no one saw fit to prosecute him in a speedy manner to the full extent of the law and take his firearms away.

A CNN article reports “In January 2016, Santiago was arrested and charged with assault and criminal mischief after an argument with his girlfriend in Anchorage, according to court documents that CNN obtained.”

“At the time, Santiago allegedly yelled at his girlfriend while she was in the bathroom, according to the complaint. He then broke down the bathroom door.”

“The woman told investigators that Santiago strangled her and struck her in the side of the head, the complaint said. Santiago left before police arrived.”

“Anchorage municipal prosecutor Seneca Theno said Santiago pleaded no contest to criminal mischief and assault charges. Under a deferred prosecution agreement, the charges would have been dismissed if he complied with the conditions.”

Kicking down a door and strangling someone sounds like a pretty serious assault. Santiago could easily have been charged with attempted murder, but prosecutors seem to be bending over backwards arguing felonies by Blacks and Latinos down to misdemeanors so that the prison capacity won’t be overwhelmed. The authorities easily could have taken away Santiago’s right to a firearm over this, but they failed to do so.

An article from the Guardian reports “Esteban Santiago, 26, spent time in hospital over mental health concerns after serving in Iraq, according to Maria Ruiz Rivera, who lives in Union City, New Jersey. She reportedly added that he had ‘lost his mind.'”

“The suspected gunman was born in New Jersey but his parents moved back to Puerto Rico when he was two or three years old. He joined the national guard in Puerto Rico before later transferring to Alaska and was deployed to Iraq in 2010.”

“His uncle Hernan Rivera told ‘When he came out of Iraq he wasn’t feeling too good.’ After being treated for mental health issues, Santiago then went back to Puerto Rico, where he had further therapy, family members reportedly said.”

“A military spokeswoman told the Associated Press that Santiago had been discharged from the national guard last year for ‘unsatisfactory performance’.”

So his relatives noticed something wrong, and the National Guard kicked him out.

An NBC article notes “In November, Santiago walked into the FBI’s office in Anchorage and claimed his mind was being controlled by a U.S. intelligence agency and the CIA was forcing him to watch ISIS videos, federal law enforcement officials told NBC News.”

“Santiago was clear that he didn’t intend to harm anyone, but the FBI was concerned by his erratic behavior and called police and he was taken to a mental health facility for an evaluation, Piro told reporters Friday night.”

Why the heck didn’t the FBI take away his firearms and put him on a list of mentally ill after that?

Santiago boarded the flight with one checked item: his handgun in a handgun case. You’d think the geniuses in the TSA might have taken notice of that and called up the FBI and discovered that this individual was crazy and might be up to no good.

And finally, the airport in Fort Lauderdale is a “gun free zone” which enables a crazed shooter to go on a rampage without the fear of an armed citizen stopping him. Gun free zones have become synonymous with mass shootings, but thick-headed liberals insist on trying to ban guns from certain areas, failing miserably to acknowledge that all they’re doing is enabling mass shooters to carry out their shooting sprees more effectively.


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