Brutal Black-on-White Hate Crime/Torture in Chicago

by James Buchanan

In Third World countries, the losing side often goes on a rampage after the election attacking their political opponents in the streets. Well, America is over one-third non-White and the 2016 election was racially-polarized. The candidate of the non-Whites, Hillary Clinton lost. Naturally the non-Whites are going nuts over this and White people are being randomly attacked by thuggish Blacks with an especially horrific torture-attack taking place in Chicago.

An Infowars article reports “A shocking video shows a white man bound, gagged and bloody as a gang of racist black thugs force him to say ‘f**k Donald Trump’ and ‘f**k white people.'”

“The video was uploaded to Facebook live yesterday by a user named Brittany Herring, the African-American woman who appears in the clip.”

“The 30 minute video shows a young man tied up in a corner with blood coming from his head. The man’s mouth is gagged as thugs humiliate and abuse him.”

“The victim is repeatedly kicked and hit while forced to denounce white people and Donald Trump.”

“…The footage is a chilling illustration of how anti-Trump hatred, which accelerated after the election, is now completely out of control.”

“Will the media even cover this footage or will news networks like CNN bury the story as they continue to hype hoax hate crimes faked by anti-Trump leftists?”

If the news media in the US honestly reported Black-on-White attacks with the same focus as they do the rare White-on-Black attacks, White people would be demanding that the Blacks be shipped out of the U.S. This is how much damage, the Jewish media has inflicted on America. We would be Negro-free by now if it weren’t for the biased reporting by the Jewish-owned liberal news media.


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