EPA Worker Drew a Salary but Didn’t Show Up for Work for 18 Months


by James Buchanan

Many of us are familiar with the ongoing scam known as “Global Warming” or “Climate Change.” Never mind the fact that the climate is always changing so what’s the criteria for blaming mankind for what-seem-like random changes in the weather?

Well how shocking is it that one of the government leeches, who was engaged in promoting the liberal hysteria about Climate Change has been caught for scamming the scammers?

An article from Yournewswire reports: “The United States’ highest paid climate change expert has been sentenced to 32 months in federal prison on fraud charges. John C. Beale’s crimes were ‘inexplicable’ and ‘unbelievably egregious,’ said Judge Ellen Huvelle in imposing the sentence in a Washington. D.C. federal court.”

“Beale drew a $200,000 plus salary per year and regularly traveled around the world staying in high end hotels – all at the taxpayer’s expense – while claiming to be saving the world from global warming as well as working for the CIA on covert assignments.”

“’Why did I do this? Greed – simple greed – and I’m ashamed of that greed,’ Beale told the court. He also said it was possible that he got a ‘rush’ and a ‘sense of excitement’ by telling people he was worked for the CIA. ‘It was something like an addiction,’ he said.”

“Beale pled guilty in September to bilking the government out of nearly $1 million in salary and other benefits over a decade. He perpetrated his fraud largely by failing to show up at the EPA for months at a time, including one 18-month stretch starting in June 2011 when he did absolutely no work…”

This is why people want Donald Trump to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C. We have a government full of inefficiency, failure to do proper oversight and even fraud. It is staggering to think that someone could draw a salary for 18 months and do no work whatsoever. Then again, how much worse is the crook in this story compared to a government bureaucrat, who sits in his cubicle all day and invents Global Warming propaganda to scare people into funding his department?


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