Liberals Celebrate Denying Service to an Elderly Crippled White Woman


by James Buchanan

An article from the Huffington Post claims “A coffee shop in Australia has become the centre of attention on social media after it stood up to a racist customer.”

“Staff at Gloria Jean’s Coffees in Cairns, Australia, have been praised for showing zero tolerance to a lady who refused service from barista, Josie Ajak, because of her race.”

“Ajak, who is from South Sudan, told ABC news online:”

“’This elderly woman approached the counter in a wheelchair and I greeted her as I would anyone else… She just looked at me and said ‘I refuse to be served by a black person can you get me a white lady?’”

“In response to the customer, the shop’s staff refused her service.”

First of all, I seriously doubt if this story is even true. The coffee shop owner could easily have cooked up this story to get guilt-ridden White liberals flocking to her business.

The liberals are always trying to pretend that 1950s style racism still exists somewhere on the planet. In this case, the liberals are boasting that it’s some great proud moment to deny service to an old crippled White lady because she wanted a White barista serving her. Do the liberals ever stop and take a look at themselves and what they think is good?

In the real world, the most pervasive racism today is the anti-White government racial quota system that steals millions of jobs from better-qualified Whites and gives those jobs to non-Whites supposedly to make up for past injustice. Apparently denying jobs to White people is never “unjust.” Denying jobs to Whites is not racist at all according to the liberals.

Don’t hold your breath for an honest article about how Black employees are spitting into White people’s food for the slighted perceived “micro-aggression” or just because they hate White people. Jesse Jackson himself once boasted that as a young waiter he used to spit into White people’s food as noted here.

Anyone who lives in a big city like Los Angeles will know of a local restaurant that had an outbreak of hepatitis, thanks to its Third World staff, but hey they’ve got Diversity so who needs a healthy liver?

White people would be much better off with an all-White society and restaurant workers, who aren’t passing along diseases to unsuspecting customers.

The insipid liberal world however likes to pat itself on the back for how accepting and multi-cultural they are. Hopefully some new age karma will ensure that the liberals are the ones who get hepatitis from the Third Worlders that they love so much.

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