Michelle Obama Couldn’t Remember when she Got Married


by James Buchanan

Barack Obama is the most mysterious individual to ever become president. No one in the media has ever seen his actual birth documents. The only “evidence” that Obama was born in the U.S. was a statement by a clerk in the records department of Hawaii, who curiously was the only fatality in an airplane crash into the waters off Hawaii.

There are two arguments that would disqualify Obama from being president. One is that he was born in Kenya to 17 year old Ann Dunham-Obama and a Kenyan national, Barack Obama Senior. This argument is supported by a statement by Obama’s African grandmother, that he was born there, and by a document from Obama’s literary agent, which stated that Obama was born in Kenya, that Andrew Breitbart uncovered shortly before his suspicious early death.

The other argument against Obama being a U.S. citizen is that Obama gave up any citizenship he may have had when he became a citizen of Indonesia, where his mother lived with her second husband, Lolo Soetoro for several years. Obama reportedly used an Indonesian passport for trips to Kenya and Pakistan in the early 1980s.

There has been much speculation about Obama’s family. The most common belief is that Obama is in a sham marriage with Michelle Obama to cover up Obama’s bisexual or homosexual lifestyle. Michelle has taken a number of expensive vacations to Hawaii, Spain and China at enormous expense to American taxpayers and many of these luxury trips have been without Barack Obama –which raises the question: Why the hell are taxpayers being forced to provide luxury vacations for a relative of a government employee?? It seems as though Michelle thinks she has the right to live a luxurious lifestyle at taxpayers’ expense rather than just live off whatever resources, her husband has earned from his presidential salary or book sales.

In the youtube video below, the author raises several questions about Michelle Obama, questioning whether the two Obama children might actually be the children of friends of Obama, especially considering that the children look much more like Obama’s friends, than Obama and Michelle.

One very damning clip in that video has Michelle Obama failing miserably to answer a simple question about how long she’s been married. Most married women (certainly the happily married women) know the year, month, day and hour that they got married. This definitely raises questions about the marriage suggesting strongly that it’s not a normal, happy marriage as the separate vacations seemed to show already. It raises the question whether the Obamas were ever legally married at all, not to mention even more curious questions about Michelle Obama that are raised in the video.

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