Liberal Losers Still Want to be Thought Police


by Jeff Davis

Despite losing the 2016 election, liberals want to dictate what the winners can say!

A New York Post article reports “Last week GrubHub executive Matt Maloney invited the company’s employees to resign if they agreed with Trump’s ‘nationalist, anti-immigrant and hateful politics.’ I don’t think I was the only person to delete the GrubHub app from my phone: Its stock price immediately fell 4 percent. Capitalism. I love it.'”

“The stock-price reaction told us Maloney’s effort at mixing business with politics was a betrayal of his duty to the company’s shareholders. We’ll let them figure that one out. But what happens when viewpoint bigotry is widespread, and there’s no market corrective?”

Hopefully, when people are no longer afraid to say what they believe, we might actually begin to make a start on fixing things. The Left has always been quick to try to get people fired or to boycott businesses if someone says anything politically incorrect. Maybe it’s time for some payback.

The article continues “I’m talking about American higher education, of course. There are 10 times more Democrats than Republicans on university faculties, and the conservatives are disproportionately to be found in the hard sciences or amongst older colleagues who are aging out. The imbalance is especially striking in the social sciences and the humanities, where real teaching can take a back seat to political indoctrination.”

“The academy always tilted left, but it didn’t always matter nearly as much as it does today. Over time the old-school, tweedy professors were replaced by a different sort of academic, one who had loudly demanded free speech as a student, but who then denied it to his students when he became a professor. He was a humdrum scholar, but he thought his politics excused his mediocrity and therefore clung to them all the more fiercely.”

That’s a nice summary of the typical liberal academic!

“The lack of viewpoint diversity has made an academic wasteland of much of American higher education. Unless you’re willing to test your ideas with people with whom you disagree, you’ll never rise above the level of banal complacency. You won’t understand the weaknesses, or even the strengths, of your argument. He who knows only his side of the case knows little enough of that, said John Stuart Mill.”

“It’s primarily the job of parents, not the federal government, to punish universities that have betrayed their scholarly calling. Let the parents, if they wish, pay $300,000 to have their children taught contempt for everything they hold dear. Or else let them delete the app, as I did with GrubHub.”

It’s long overdue that Marxist and liberal professors get the heave-ho from any self-respecting university. All they’ve ever done is produce more snotty, arrogant entitled snowflakes, who are a burden to everyone around them!

The columnist goes on to urge Donald Trump to put an end to all this, but White parents should start demanding that their children get useful educations, not a head full of Marxist propaganda from some liberal dinosaur, who can’t see how damaging his ideology is.

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