Hillary Loses Five Electors after Campaign to Flip the Election


by James Buchanan

After an intense campaign by the Left intended to get electors to change their minds and not to vote for a “bad, unqualified, unfit” candidate, five electors refused to vote for Hillary Clinton. Trump meanwhile only lost two.

Not too surprisingly electors for Trump were flooded with death threats from Hillary supporters as noted here. The Obama justice department hasn’t bothered to arrest any of these thugs of course.

Hillary supporters were insisting that she should become president because she allegedly won the (irrelevant) popular vote. One source estimates at least three million illegal aliens voted (and as many as five million dead people) which would mean Trump won the popular vote by a good margin. Also Trump spent almost nothing on campaign ads in New York and California because he was focused on winning enough states to win the electoral college. It’s a good bet, he could have padded his vote total by a few million more if he had campaigned in those states.

As if complaining about the rules after losing the game isn’t bad enough, Hillary is trying to blame her loss on the Russians. Hillary is still pushing her lunatic conspiracy theory about the Russians being behind the hacked e-mails that exposed a variety of things from Podesta’s satanic spirit cooking dinners to Hillary saying one thing to donors and something completely different (lies) to the public.

An article from Al.com reports “Donald Trump won the White House – officially – Tuesday with 304 electoral votes as talk of a revolt among Republicans fell flat.”

“Trump easily surpassed the 270 electoral threshold required to win the presidency, despite two GOP electors bucking their party to become ‘faithless electors.’ The defections were greater among Democrats, however, with four electors casting ballots for someone other than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.”

“Clinton received 232 electoral votes.”

“…Both the Republican defectors were in Texas, where one cast a ballot for Ohio Gov. John Kasich and another for former Texas Rep. Ron Paul.”

“There were five faithless electors (for Hillary) – defined as electors who vote for someone other than the candidate that won their state – among Democrats. Four were from Washington state, with three casting ballots for Colin Powell, who served as Secretary of State under Republican President George W. Bush, and one for Faith Spotted Eagle, a tribal activist opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline.”

“One other faithless elector, David Mulinix, a Democrat from Hawaii, cast a ballot for Vermont Senator and Clinton challenger Bernie Sanders.”

“Three more Democratic electors – one each in Colorado, Maine and Minnesota – attempted to cast a ballot for someone other than Clinton but were rebuffed.”

So eight electors didn’t want to vote for “Stalin in a pantsuit” (aka Hillary Clinton). Four electors in Washington state were willing to pay a $1,000 fine each just to avoid voting for Hillary, and they weren’t even fans of Trump. They just saw Hillary as such and evil, terrible candidate that they couldn’t vote for her.


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