The Soros/Hillary Post-Election Plan: “Fake News,” False Claims and Trolls


by James Buchanan

In the month since Donald Trump won the 2016 election, the Left has literally gone nuts. The first sign was all the hysterical sobbing by liberals following the election, including Hillary herself.

Then there was the desperate recount effort by Jill Stein, which couldn’t possibly benefit Stein in any way, but which was targeting states that Trump had won while ignoring states that Hillary had won (or more likely stolen) by a narrower margin. The recount yielded more votes for Trump in Wisconsin and changed nothing. Stein balked on the fee to recount Pennsylvania, which Trump had won by about 70,000 votes. One wonders if history will record the Stein recount effort as a scam to grab millions of dollars from bereaved and delusional Hillary supporters to create a slush fund for Ms. Stein.

The radical Left, which is heavily funded by Soros, then engaged in riots and civil disobedience to protest the election results –the very behavior that Hillary said was horrifying when she thought she would win (or steal) the election.

The organized Left in America is engaging in a plan now that the election is over:

1). Accuse the Alt-Right media of being “fake news.” After months of smearing Trump and shilling for Hillary, the dishonest and discredited mainstream media, which set fire to the last shreds of their credibility to try to get Hillary elected, have the chutzpah to accuse the victorious Alt-Right media, which Americans clearly chose over them, of being “fake news.”

2). Keep claiming that Hillary “won” the popular vote even though there were at least three million illegal aliens voting for her and five million dead voters, not to mention the fact that the popular vote is irrelevant, winning the electoral college was all that mattered. Trump could have gotten more votes than Hillary on election day by spending more money in California and New York, but Trump doesn’t like to waste money. Hillary spent 1.2 billion dollars, told mostly lies and lost.

3). Send trolls out to all the right-wing websites to do “concern trolling” to try to demoralize patriotic Americans by decrying every Trump appointment or post-election statement as some sort of betrayal.

The enemy tactics are very obvious, and they’re only annoying us, not changing our minds or the election results. Their attempts to label the Alt-Right media as “fake news” will only backfire and it’s already obvious the “fake news” label is sticking much better to the mainstream media.


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