Liberals Decry California’s Past Eugenics Program


by James Buchanan

In the post World War Two era, there has been a relentless demonization of anything related to eugenics. Most Americans have the impression that eugenics and sterilization programs were dreamed up by the Nazis, but the truth is that eugenics was seen as a common sense solution to the problem of inherited mental retardation and criminality. Eugenics programs were implemented in the United States, Britain and Sweden, years before Hitler rose to power. Notice that none of the opponents of eugenics programs have any answer to the problem of criminals and congenital idiots multiplying their numbers every generation. Apparently filling America up with crooks and low IQ rabble is something that we should aspire to. Our immigration policies have certainly been working in this direction.

A Reuters article reports “Hundreds of Californians who were forcibly sterilized based on eugenics laws in the last century might still be alive and deserve an apology and financial reparations, a new study concludes.”

Frankly ending the eugenics program was and still is a mistake. Liberals want more low IQ people, who wind up dependent on government assistance, because they tend to vote Democrat. By insisting that compensation be paid to people sterilized under past eugenics programs, liberals create a stigma of wrong-doing, which is completely undeserved. How many low IQ offspring and criminals would those 60,000 people have had if they hadn’t been sterilized?

Genetic research has identified variations of the MAOA gene that are strongly tied to criminal behavior as noted here. Has anyone suggested that sterilizing criminals should start up again using genetic testing? Of course not. Liberals want these people to keep having children, no matter how likely it is that their children will grow up to be criminals just like them.

The Reuters article notes “In a Sacramento government office, historian and lead author Alexandra Minna Stern stumbled across a filing cabinet containing about 20,000 recommendations for eugenics-motivated sterilizations dating from 1919 through 1952…”

“California had the right to sterilize Rose Zaballos under a 1909 state law authorizing reproductive surgery on patients committed to homes or hospitals and judged to have a ‘mental disease which may have been inherited’ and was ‘likely to be transmitted to descendants…'”

“The California statute provided the legal framework for the most active sterilization program in the U.S., the study says. The law remained on the books until 1979…”

“In 2003, when (Governor Grey) Davis apologized (to the sterilized), only one person who had been forcibly sterilized – a man living in a car in Stockton – could be located, Lombardo said in a phone interview…”

“The study describes one sterilization recommendation for a woman admitted to the Sonoma State Home in 1926. She had an IQ of 56…”

“California passed the third eugenics law in the U.S. and performed one-third of all the nation’s estimated 60,000 forced sterilizations, the study says. Following a 1927 U.S. Supreme Court decision that upheld the constitutionality of Virginia’s sterilization law, sterilization rates climbed.”

“Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. wrote the majority opinion in the case, Buck v. Bell. He compared the state’s duty to sterilize patient Carrie Buck to the need to protect the public against smallpox with compulsory vaccinations.”

“Holmes concluded: ‘Three generations of imbeciles are enough.’”

Unfortunately, the liberals think that three generations of imbeciles are not enough. The liberals not only want mentally retarded people multiplying their numbers inside the U.S., they want an endless flood of immigrants from Mexico, which has an average IQ of 87, from Africa, which has an average IQ of 70 and from Arab Muslim countries which have an average IQ of 85.

While it’s fortunate that Donald Trump won the presidential election and the immigration door may finally be closed on Mexico, we need a lot more honesty about race, IQ and the need for a eugenics program in the U.S. and an end to all Third World immigration into the U.S.


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