Liberal Universities Try to Declare themselves Sanctuaries


by Jeff Davis

An article from reports “Students across the country are asking for their schools to be declared ‘sanctuary campuses’ for undocumented students, meaning university administrators would ignore federal immigration law and refuse to share information about undocumented students with immigration officials. Several schools have already declared themselves sanctuary campuses, including Portland State University, Reed College, and Columbia University.”

“To find out more about what motivates students to support the sanctuary campus movement, Campus Reform visited George Washington University, where many students participated in a pro-sanctuary walk-out several weeks ago. The students interviewed were overwhelmingly in favor of GW becoming a sanctuary campus, calling it a ‘great thing,’ and claiming that undocumented students ‘have a right to be going to this school’ because ‘it’s really important for students to feel safe while they’re going to school.’”

Apparently such concepts as the rule of law are no longer taught on American university campuses, which isn’t too surprising since Obama has ignored U.S. law and the Constitution whenever those have gotten in his way.

The article continues “Since the GW students were asking their administration to ignore federal law, Campus Reform asked if they wanted the campus to be a ‘sanctuary’ from other laws, as well. ‘What about a sanctuary campus where student loan laws don’t affect you here?’ Campus Reform asked.”

“’Oh, absolutely,’ responded one student, while another agreed, saying, ‘Yes, that’d be cool.’”

Clearly, we need to go back to the days when only the smartest ten percent of the population goes to college. The idea that everyone can go to college has admitted a flood of liberal idiots, who don’t understand relatively basic things, like the need to repay a loan.

The article goes on “Students were also on board with making GW a sanctuary campus from underage drinking laws, because students ‘would feel safer’ if they could drink and go to parties without breaking the law. ‘I do agree with that one,’ declared one student…”

“Some students even went so far as to say that campus should be a safe space from final exams, given recent stress from the 2016 election. ‘School’s been really stressful especially after the Trump election,’ one student vented. ‘Like, it’s really hard to focus on your studies when there’s so much else going on.’”

No, this doesn’t come from The Onion. These are the people who make up a typical college population these days. These are the spoiled pampered babies, who want trigger warnings, safe spaces and who want to ban any conservative speech on their campus, rather than exercise their brains by debating with people, whom they don’t agree with to see if maybe their world view is based on a bunch of leftist hogwash.

Thankfully with the election of Donald Trump, the nation has just moved back into a much more sane direction. Hopefully, the Trump revolution will lead to an actual diversity of opinion being allowed at American universities instead of the Marxist monopoly that only wants racial diversity and no intellectual diversity.


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