Did Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter Help Cause Death of White Cop?


by James Buchanan

An article in the L.A Times reports “A gunman who killed a Los Angeles County sheriff’s sergeant in Lancaster… first wounded him, then stood over him and fired four additional rounds into the lawman’s body, Sheriff Jim McDonnell said Thursday.”

“’This was a calculated execution,’ the sheriff said.”

“The gunman was carrying a stolen weapon and after the shooting unsuccessfully searched Sgt. Steve Owen’s body for his handgun ‘with the intent to use it to murder’ another deputy who was arriving to the scene, McDonnell said.”

“Authorities identified the gunman as Trenton Trevon Lovell, a 27-year-old, of Lancaster with a long criminal record.”

The militant anti-police organization Black Lives Matter has been staging riots whenever police justifiably shoot a Black criminal suspect, who fails to obey police orders. This problem has been made considerably worse thanks to dishonest politicians like Hillary Clinton, who are pandering to ghetto Blacks and siding with them against the police.

President Barack Obama went to the funeral of the thug Michael Brown, who “strong-arm” robbed a store owner and then charged at a police officer who was forced to shoot him. Obama was conspicuously absent at the funeral for this White sheriff in Lancaster. Seems like he just doesn’t care when it’s a White person or a cop, who gets killed.

When George Zimmerman justifiably shot a Black thug, named Trayvon Martin, who attacked him one night and tried to take his gun from him, the evil Democrat hacks in the state of Florida filed murder charges against Zimmerman after extremely biased mis-reporting of the incident by the liberal media. CNN and MSNBC flashed a picture of a ten year old Trayvon Martin, instead of the 17 year old thug, that he had morphed into. Ill-informed ghetto Blacks began causing disturbances in Florida and around the country and the gutless Democrat politicians chose to side with the Black thugs rather than the truth.

In the years since Zimmerman defended himself, the pro-criminal element of the Black population has grown bigger and more vocal, and virtually every single shooting of a young Black thug, who chooses to fight with police or act erratically after police have been called to the scene, has led to Black Lives Matter calling for the prosecution of the police officer, who was compelled to shoot a Black.

As a side note, virtually every single one of these police shootings of Blacks could have been avoided if the Black suspect kept his hands up and kept still until the police officer either arrested him or determined that an arrest was not necessary. A recent incident in Tulsa involved a White female officer, who shot a Black, who refused to stand still and keep his hands up. When he reached into his van, she shot him fearing that he was reaching for a gun. This Black, who had stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road, may have been on drugs which impaired his ability to reason and to realize how serious his situation was. That officer is being charged with manslaughter, whether rightly or wrongly.

The Zimmerman trial and recent prosecutions of police may have been on Sheriff Steve Owen’s mind when he was responding to a criminal call at an apartment complex in Lancaster, California. Instead of keeping his pistol on a suspicious Black, Sheriff Owen somehow let his guard down and Trevon shot the sheriff five times “executing” him.

The liberal media is quick to blame Donald Trump with any and every-thing they can imagine, so I’d like to be the first to blame Hillary Clinton for siding with Black Lives Matter and creating an anti-police and pro-thug atmosphere that likely caused Sheriff Owen to put himself excessively at risk, resulting in his death. The family of Sheriff Owen should sue Hillary Clinton over his death, and the state of California (if it were not run by Democrats) should charge Hillary with being an accessory to murder.

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