More Thoughts on the Holocaust


by James Buchanan

One of the best books on the Holocaust is “The Hoax of the 20th Century” by Dr. Arthur Butz, an MIT-educated engineer and professor at Northwestern University, who wanted to remedy a lack of serious historical analysis of this particular subject. Back in the 1970s, the only historians, who were covering the Holocaust were all Jewish, which seemed odd. You’d think that all historians would be interested in this topic –unless of course there was something wrong with it. If you discovered that there were great gaping holes in the Holocaust story and you began to discuss these with your colleagues, you would likely find yourself viciously attacked and accused of anti-Semitism. Many historians probably quietly burned their research and kept their mouths shut rather than draw the wrath of the Jews.

What if the Holocaust were nothing more than the war-time internment of an alien population considered potentially subversive, much like the Japanese, who were rounded up in America during the war? In fact, the Germans actually allowed Jews to move around freely in Germany for the first years of the war. There were some restrictions on them, but Jews have had to deal with restrictions in European nations and even the Ottoman Empire in past centuries.

Only after the FDR regime in America began locking up Japanese and first-generation Germans and Italians in concentration camps, did the Germans begin locking up German Jews in similar camps. One of the largest camps, Auschwitz was an important industrial center that produced synthetic rubber for the Third Reich. Because Auschwitz was heavily Jewish, it was never bombed. In contrast the lives of Dutch, French, Poles and every other nationality in Europe were considered expendable if the Allies thought that a particular target was worth bombing. Only an industrial facility with mostly Jewish lives at stake seemed to get a special pass from the Allied air war.

The world Jewish population in 1939 was estimated at about 15 million if you actually go to a library and look it up in books from that time period. The population after the war while it had shifted around considerably was roughly the same. (I suspect that the Jews may have tinkered with any online population statistics from the pre- and post-war years so try to find census books that actually date from the 1930s and post-war period if you want to check this yourself.)

About five million Jews lived in territory that the Nazis controlled during the war. About two million Jews reportedly fled eastward during World War Two along with the Communists. The Jews were the only ethnic group that felt “safer” with the Communists.

Many of the Jews in western continental Europe were still there after the war. The Jewish population of Paris was about half a million before the war and was still close to half a million after the war. While the Germans rounded up Jews in Germany and Austria in retaliation for FDR rounding up Japanese and Germans in the U.S., Hitler didn’t seem to care about whether France was free of Jews. Why would the Germans overlook this big a collection of Jews if they were systematically mass-murdering all the Jews under their control? The answer is that it makes no sense if the Holocaust is to be believed! Obviously, the Germans would have rounded up the half million Jews in Paris, which they occupied for four years, if they actually were trying to exterminate as many Jews as possible.

If six million Jews were murdered out of a population of 15 million, you would think there would be a shortage of Jews after the war, but yet another amazing thing happened: Almost the entire Jewish population of Israel (about three million by the 1970s) immigrated to there from Europe after the war. Only 384k Jews were living in Palestine in 1936. The vast majority of those three million came from Europe, which would have been impossible if there had been a mass extermination of Jews during the war.

In addition to the Jews, who immigrated to Israel after the war, a large number of Jews came to the U.S. after World War Two. Most Americans know Jewish families who immigrated, and many celebrity Jews have boasted about being “survivors” or children of survivors. When you subtract the Israeli Jews and newly immigrated American Jews and the Jews who remained in western and central Europe from the five million pre-war Jews, that accounts for almost all the Jews, making a “Holocaust” of even half a million Jews impossible.

A large number of Jews that lived in Poland, Germany and Austria moved to Israel and America after the war. The claims of “mass murder” were a deliberate Jewish lie meant to increase Jewish solidarity and to demonize any legitimate criticism of Jews or Jewish control of Gentile governments. Jews have been able to gain unprecedented control of Gentile governments in Europe and the U.S. The U.S. Congress has even been referred to as “Israeli occupied territory.” Only with the rise of the Internet and the Alt-Right media have the Jews lost their stranglehold on the historical narrative, and the truth is finally starting to spread despite the long “Dark Ages” period of Jewish control and censorship that followed World War Two.


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