The Holocaust: Still Being Used to Demonize White People


by James Buchanan

The Jews have been using the Holocaust not only to defame Germans and National Socialists for the last 71 years, but to smear ANY White person on the right-wing, who “goes too far” in their kosher opinions.

Many Americans noticed the terms “Nazi” and “Hitler” being flung at the enemies of the Left in the 2016 election.

If you oppose flooding White nations with Mexicans or Muslims, you suddenly become a “Nazi-who-wants-to-gas-six-million-Jews.”

For decades after the war, the Jews claimed that four million Jews were gassed at Auschwitz. The absurdity of this claim eventually led to it being scaled back to 1.5 million (with a million supposedly being Jewish).

Curiously, the total Jewish death toll stayed at six million despite this revelation that there were three million fewer Jewish deaths at Auschwitz.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Death Books at Auschwitz were made public. Out of a population of 400,000 over five years, a total of 70,000 died at Auschwitz mostly due to typhus which resulted from the Allies bombing the German rail network, resulting in a breakdown of disease control. Only about half of those 70,000 were Jews.

In contrast, the Allies mass murdered about 500,000 civilians at Dresden in the closing weeks of the war.


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