Anti-Trump Thugs “Demonstrate” by Blocking Streets, Attacking Whites, Looting Stores


by Jeff Davis

Thanks to Project Veritas and James O’Keefe, we found out that the Democrats were plotting and carrying out violence at the Trump rallies. The liberal media then blamed Trump for that violence –even though Trump’s supporters were most often the victims of that violence!

The people supporting Trump are overwhelmingly law-abiding people, who would only use violence in self defense. It was the left-wing thugs, welfare parasites and gangbangers, who call themselves “Democrats,” who were carrying out 99.9% of the unprovoked violence during this election, and now they are carrying out post-election violence –very much like the riots that take place in Third World countries after elections there. If you fill up your country with Third World people, don’t be surprised when you start suffering from all the problems of the Third World.

A Breitbart news article notes “A viral video from after Tuesday’s election shows a white man in Chicago beaten viciously in the middle of a street, then dragged down the street with his hand stuck in the back window of a car — as a crowd capturing the attack on video accuses him of supporting president-elect Donald Trump.”

The Los Angeles Times reports: “Protests of Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election took place across California on Wednesday, with students at several Bay Area high schools walking out in the middle of class and a throng of young demonstrators taking to the steps of Los Angeles’ City Hall. The demonstrations — which mirrored protests from Seattle to Pittsburgh — followed protests in the pre-dawn hours in which crowds openly disavowed the president-elect, with a few protesters resorting to vandalism.”

“At Berkeley High School, about 1,500 students — half the entire student body — walked out of class after first period began at 8 a.m., Berkeley Unified School District officials said. Students tweeted ‘#NotMyPresident’ and pledged to unify. Others chanted, ‘Si, se puede,’ Spanish for ‘Yes, we can,’ and waved Mexican flags, according to posts on social media.”

Hopefully, they meant “Yes we can” go back to Mexico because they clearly don’t understand how politics works in a First World nation.

The article continues “It’s not the first time we’ve had a walkout. We know what to expect, we know what we need to do,” said Berkeley Unified spokesman Charles Burress.”

Which should tell you something about the state of American public schools! An article in L.A. Weekly notes that the graduation rate in public high schools in Los Angeles is less than 60 percent.

A KTLA news article notes “students at some Southern California schools walked out of classes while others blocked a freeway as they staged anti-Trump demonstrations on Thursday… At one point, a group of running protesters appeared to be attempting to enter the 110 Freeway before changing course… As the students continued on area streets, they were surrounded by multiple police motorcycles and patrol cars, according to the footage.”

“The manager of a 7-Eleven near Hoover Street and Washington Boulevard said dozens of the young protesters poured into the store, and a few stole items such as chips and drinks. All the students were in and out within about a minute, and the incident was captured on surveillance video.”

So the protesters were breaking the law, obstructing traffic and looted one store. What a shock that they were supporting crooked Hillary. Why do I get the feeling that about 80 percent of them were from single mother families that relied on welfare checks, Section 8 housing and food stamps.

Donald Trump seriously needs to deport every last illegal alien and their anchor babies. He also needs to change the immigration laws so that we stop letting in Third World invaders, who don’t belong here and who choose to riot and break the law when our elections don’t go their way.


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